Breast fed babies and bowel movements

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What is the normal number of bowel movements a breast fed baby should have without having to give them a suppository to help them out?


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from birth to 6 weeks, an exclusively breastfed baby should be having at least 3 BMs per day that are at least the size of a US quarter $0.25. After 6 weeks they may space out, even go as long as 10 days inbetween, as long as when they do go, it is substantial. Breasfed babies generally have less stool than formula fed babies because breastmilk has less waste that they need to excrete. Generally speaking, breastfed babies don't get constipated and don't need supositories. A newborn's rectum is so tiny, I would be very hesitant to use a suppository. I would seriously be afraid of perforating the rectum. I think you should check with your Dr. if you think there is a problem. Some breastfed babies who have trouble stooling are sensitive to something in mom's diet (often dairy). You could try cutting back or eliminating these from your diet if you think they are a problem.

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I'm having issues too w/my 2 month old. She was going after almost every feeding and now she's going about every third day or so. My pedi said that it's perfectly normal for a breastfed baby to go three days w/out a bowel movement. As long as she's going once a week. He said if it's longer than that then to bring her in.
It's awful hearing her cry because she can't go. She's had terrible gas from not going. I don't remember my sons going that long between movements. Of course my oldest is five and my second son is almost two and a half. I've given her apple juice with water hoping it will help. Today she an apple/prune juice bottle.
I'm just a worry wort tho.

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I also experiencing the same baby is fully breasfed and now that his already 1month old I was so worried at first because his now going 5 days no bowel movent that's why I've researched about it in the internet and found out that this is just normal as long as it will not exceed to nothing to worry about..

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You could also bicycle their legs, very gently twist, warm bath, light massage - just avoid the belly (if you aren't sure what to do, you could make it worse), dietary changes can help- just not before 4 to 6 months. Do not give any sort of medication without being seen by his doctor though.

It's pretty insane how long they can go between poops. The colors can be pretty outrageous too.

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A fully breastfed baby can go about 12 days without a bowel movement, and that's no cause to worry. Their stools should be soft and a mustardy colour. The things mums talk about!

And it's also perfectly normal to have a bowel movement once or twice a day! Sometimes it's just a smear on the nappy.

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My son went every day for the first month, then once every three four days, now that he is eating soilds he goes every day, sometimes twice. But the first comment is right, breatmilk doesn't have fillers, so as long as they aren't in pain I wouldn't worry too much about it. As long as they are soft (watery) then they are okay.

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for the first few weeks, babies tend to have a BM almost every diaper change. but around three weeks they space out. remember, breast milk is the best for them, not alot of waste. the healthier mom eats, the less waste their is. i heard a pedi say that he once had a healthy BF baby that didn't have a BM for 25 days! that is on the extreme side, but possible. my twins generally go 3-5 days between BMs. if you get concerned (if baby seems uncomfortable) our pedi said give them a little bit of prune juice in some expressed breast milk, i wouldn't use a suppository. good luck!

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at least once a week they can go at least 12 days without goin its totally normal, with formular fed babys they use there bowel alot because of all the unwanted stuff in formulr but in breastmilk its all healthy and needed theres no junk so dnt freak its completley normal

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