breast feeding and migrains?????????

Michelle - posted on 03/01/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a 13 month old baby girl and before i had her i would get the occasional migrain, but since having her i get them alot, sometimes twice in one week and they are terrible i was wondering if it may be associated with breast feeding?


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Christine - posted on 03/04/2009




I did a bit of reading on migraines when I started having them and generally one occurs when you have two or more triggers happening at the same time. One common trigger in women is hormones.

You might want to do some research on migriane triggers and see if there is anything in your diet that might be a contributing trigger.

You might also want to talk to your doctor to see if he/she has any suggestions to help you manage your migraines.

Vanina - posted on 03/04/2009




I think so. Milk is produced with Prolactin, produced by the pituatary gland. I have a timy tumor on it that overproduces milk. Now, that I'm breastfeeding ( 20 months) I get them more frequently, because i am producing a lot of Prolactin to male milk. Then, again I also have allergies which give me nasty sinus headaches.


Fatima - posted on 03/04/2009




i have had the same discussion with my doctor, although mine have reduced dramatically since having my daughter they still occur. i have switched to a low dose birth control and reduced foods that triggered them. they have not disappeared but occur less frequently and are much milder. i have also eliminated all migraine medication (over the counter and non prescription) since first becoming preggers and only took tylenol at the first sign of the migraine. i have found for myself that breastfeeding has reduced the tension and throbbing.
of course a good foot rub or back rub makes it easier.
i hope you find some relief soon.

Joyce - posted on 03/04/2009




I am not an expert but I would imagine it has more to do with hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and postpartum then breastfeeding. Also, you may want to look at any dietary changes you have made. Hope this helps.

Stacey - posted on 03/04/2009




I don't know for sure, but I have the same thing going on...I use to get them periodically and now I have them quite you, sometimes 2-3 times a week. I have had them from morning til' night more than once in a week...It is horrible! I am nursing a 4 mo. old and have a 26mo.old who still nurses sometimes.

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