Breast feeding vs. Bottle feeding?? Any advice??

Tiffany - posted on 02/24/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




Im 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I really want to give my son my own natural break milk. Im at the point in my pregnancy where I need to really think about it and make a decision! My issue with breastfeeding is I think it might feel weird and uncomfortable. In my head, my breast have always been used for pleasure (lol) so to have my baby all up on them might feel weird. See where Im coming from? - or am I just crazy?! Sooo Im thinking what about pumping my breast milk and bottle feeding?? Any advice on this would really help and be appreciated!! Thanx MoMs! =D


Charmaine - posted on 02/25/2010




i always saw them as sexual before... now they are no longer show boobs they are working boobs LOL... i thought it would be weird but it really isnt... after finally getting breastfeeding to work (took me 2 months and a nipple guard and ALOT of pumping) it was amazing and soooooooo worth it.. everything sexual goes away after you give birth ahaha u get so violated when your in labor... hands coming at you from every which way LOL ... dont worry give it a try and see how u feel... just dont give up if its not working so well at 1st.

Adrienne - posted on 02/24/2010




Though I always saw my breasts as sexual before I had my somehow doesn't feel wierd at all when you start breastfeeding. At least, it didn't for me. If you do decide to pump and feed your baby expressed milk, you wouldn't be the only one, and you are still giving your baby the best nutrition you can!

That said...

...I think you're missing out on something special. There is a bond you get from feeding your baby that just doesn't compare to anything else. Especially when they smile at you for the first time with that happy "i'm in a milk coma" look.


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Jessica - posted on 02/27/2010




I felt the same, but honestly.. give it a try before U make up ur mind. either way ur baby is getting the best it can, but the pumping and bottle feeding would be, to me, even more strenuous than just fomula.. the pumping which can take up to an hour each breast, and has to be every 2-3hrs 24hrs a day to keep the supply up, is too much for me alone not to mention the cleanin and sterilizing of bottle too! Breastfeeding is so natural and wonderful, try it and youll see. but if not, do what u feel is right for you, some people are weirded out by it.. thats nothing to be ashamed of!! I still see mine as sexual (though the 1st few weeks werent while they were still adjusting to the milk supply) and when shes feeding its like they are completely different instruments!
Good luck!

Shaina - posted on 02/26/2010




Its been said a million times already but I HAVE to agree, give it a try. Its not weird at all. Its not only the best thing for your baby but the best thing for you too. Give it a go. I would also suggest looking into a La Leche League International group. I recently joined one and I have NO idea what I did before them. They are a GREAT support system and can answer any question you may have. Some of the leaders in my group are also LC and can help if youre having problems with latch or anything else. Sometimes the first few weeks are rocky but if you can get through them breastfeeding becomes a great joy. My son is almost a year old and still breastfeeds. I wouldnt trade it for the world! Occasionally I pump so he can still have bm when his grandparents watch him, but just the little that I do from that makes me thankful that I dont have to do it all the time. I hope that helps. Good luck in whatever you decide!

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I don't even think of it that way at all I'm just feeding my son. Before he was born I did wonder how i would feel just like you are now. I didn't know anyone who had breastfed so all I heard were negative things. Which always came from mothers who didn't breastfeed at all or didn't for more than the first couple days. You have to get past the first 6 weeks before you can truely decide if it's for you. I would recommended breastfeeding straight from the breast if possible. My son had health problems which prevented him from nursing for the first 7 weeks. I had no choice but to pump until he could nurse on his own. Pumping is NO fun!

1. its harder to keep up ur supply.

2. you will be pumping for 15 min every 2 hours in the begining and then it takes another 15-20 minutes to clean everything so ur ready for the next pumping session. basically once your done you have 30-45min before you have to start again. not to mention the baby will need other things during that time.

3. you will need a hospital grade pump if you hope to start ur supply without putting baby to breast at all. don't expect to get a hand pump or even a thrifty electric one. I recommend renting a hosptal grade pump for the first 2 months then invest in a good medela electric double pump after your supply is well established.

I've been nursing my son for 7 months now and I can honestly say that it's worth it! even though I struggled with breastfeeding for the first 2 months I am sooo happy I stuck with it. It becomes second nature and I love watching him grow and gain weight knowing that I am the reason. GOOD LUCK!

Trisha-Ann - posted on 02/25/2010




breastfeeding is amazing. when i was pregnant i had no one around me that actually breastfed, so all i heard was that it was nasty, and gross, and vulgur. I have found that it couldnt be any further than the truth. nursing creates such a bonding experience between you and your child. and when you feed your baby, and you would miss that if you just pumped. You find when nusing that those things once used for pleasure, become his "titty bottles". I dont feel werid or unconfortable nursing in public or at all for that matter. they are his sorce of nurishment, and no one should have a problem with that, there is something wrong, if they do. and on another note. breastfeeding is just easier. no bottles, warmers, mixing etc. the milk is ready right there. i watched my formula fed nephew and he was so much more difficult than breastfeeding(not to mention expensive) Breastfeeding is worth any obstacle you may face alomg the way. you need to try it before you make your decision. and dont quit the first few weeks, it gets easier...PROMISE=)

April - posted on 02/25/2010




pumping is very time consuming and not to mention boring. it will get old pretty fast. it can't hurt to try breastfeeding first before making a decision that you'd rather pump.

breastfeeding is very rewarding, but you might experience some obstacles along the way. Masitiis, blocked ducts, low suppy or oversupply, slow or fast letdown, thrush, and marathon nursing are some of the hurdles. However, you can overcome them and actually none of it might happen to you.

The first 12 weeks are the hardest, but please don't give up before you've started!!!

Adrian - posted on 02/25/2010




Give it a try. It's amazing how fast it will change for you. Going from sexual object to something completely and totally natural to feed your baby with.

Catrin - posted on 02/25/2010




seriously, give it a try. My breasts are now for milk, after all why do you think that we are called mammals? It's a bit weird, but the first time you nurse your baby, and he looks up at you with those big blue eyes it will all fall into place. There is no need to sterilize your boobs, no need to pack a million bottles to go anywhere. It's allways the right temp. The ultimate in convenience food. If you're still unsure, give it a go... you can always switch to bottles if it's not for you, but it's not always possible to go the other way. Try it, you might like it

Angela - posted on 02/25/2010




I didn't breastfeed my first son because I had mastitis and was given all the wrong information on how to treat I ended up giving up on it. With my second son I had mastitis again but this time consulted with a lactation consultant who helped sooo much! and after a month of pumping my milk and giving it to my baby in a bottle I decided to have him latch on...I'm so glad I did. He is now 6 mos old and I can tell you that it is the best experience. Now having done both...bottle feed and breastfed. I can tell you that breastfeeding is definitely an awesome experience that every Mom has to experience. I love it and even though I had a rocky and very painful start I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Kellyn - posted on 02/24/2010




I had the exact opposite feelings toward my breasts. I have never really feel comfortable using my breasts as a sexual thing, and when my daughter nursed for the first time, I felt like "this is what these were made for!" And I think it's true. I believe that the main reason women have breasts is for nursing our children. Comes in handy that they turn our hubbies (and ourselves) on when used in a sexual way, but I firmly believe that God created them mainly for nursing.

I would honestly just go full on with breastfeeding after your baby is born, and if you still feel the way you do, you can always change to pumping. But I would also recommend not giving up on it too soon, either. Give it some time. My daughter is 8 months old and I am going to nurse her for as long as I can (within reason). I love it, and so does she. Plus, if you're at your parent's house or out and about and your baby starts fussing, just start nursing and they'll calm right down! And I can guarantee that you're not going to want to wake up in the middle of the night to feed your baby a bottle only to realize that you didn't pump enough so you then end up having to pump while your baby is screaming for food. Not fun.

I am 100% for breastfeeding, all the way!

Andrea - posted on 02/24/2010




This "bond" you get is not just for you - it's for your baby too. There is nothing more soothing for a baby than breastfeeding. I do both with my daughter, and I notice a huge difference of how satisfied she is after the breast vs the bottle. She is a MUCH happier baby after breastfeeding. This means a less fussy baby, and one that sleeps better :) Also a less sick baby :) It sounds like something that might be awkward, but only to someone who has never done it before :) Honestly - I feel MUCH MORE awkward hooked up to my pump than I do breastfeeding, hahahahaha! That might be something you might want to second guess if anything - you feel like a cow :) But that too you get used to :) You will have to start off breastfeeding anyway, to ensure your milk comes in. It takes much longer (and sometimes doesn't come in at all) if the body does not sense the baby's closeness or suckling. Not to mention, pumping is never as efficient as the baby at getting all the milk out (which is what keeps more milk coming) so keeping up the supply with ONLY pumping is VERY hard.

I would suggest trying it before worrying about it :) Honestly, those who succeed with it LOVE it - I love that it's a time I get to just stare and love my baby without worry of her crying or fussing :) And when she looks up at me and then smiles, it's just amazing.

Keep in mind, breastfeeding is a natural thing, but it does not come naturally to anyone - know in your mind that it's the best thing for your baby, and you can make it through the hard times. ASK FOR HELP - no matter what.

Good luck!

Angelica - posted on 02/24/2010




Breastfeeding totally rocks!... lol No, I know all the crazy women who chase after formula feeders with knives can be pretty dumb, but it is the best for your baby by far. First I'm going to suggest if you don't already have an account there it is in my opinion an AMAZING site for mamas.

Here's a link to the breastfeeding group I belong to

and here's a link to my profile if you have anymore questions

Just google breast feeding vs. formula feeding... It provides nutrients you can't get anywhere else, It will help you to lose your pregnancy weight (lol)... and it's not weird. I thought it kinda might be (I'm not the most touchy cuddly person) but it really is what God intended (yeah I know now I sound like one of those crazy old church goers who use God in every sentence LOL) omg

Anyway, hope this helps!

Angelica =)

P.S. If you do wanna try pumping and bottle feeding I'd say first try breastfeeding then if it's not for you start the pumping and bottle feeding.

My little girl was born with unforeseen complications and had to spend her first three week in the NICU so during that time I pumped and tube well eventually bottle fed. I have to say that was SO HARD it took me 20-30 minutes to pump and clean up then 20 minutes to feed her try to get some sleep and up again to pump before she woke hungry, store that milk and then feed her again. Yeah... I wanna cry just thinking about it.

Stephanie - posted on 02/24/2010




I kind of had that same thought in the back of my head when i was pregnant, but after you hear your baby cry for the first time and you know that you have what your baby wants, all that other stuff just disappears.

It might be good that your baby also learns to take a bottle, but to me there is no greater feeling than breastfeeding, its a very special and unique sensation. And it helps your baby feel secure.

Good luck!

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