breast feeding while pregnant

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lol ok this is a few questions and a lil complaining at the same time... I am expecting my 4th child and am breastfeeding my 16 month old daughter, Childrens aid is telling me i have to wean my daughter off of boob so i can properly take care of my unborn child this cant be right and i know my daughter isnt ready to stop breastfeeding. am i wrong to keep going...? my look on it is people breastfeed twins and triplets all the time... why couldnt i...?


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My first was 16 months when I got pregnant with my second. We nursed throughout the pregnancy. As long as your pregnancy is normal then you shouldn't have any issues. You do want to make sure you eat well (and enough) and stay hydrated. I second the book "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" by Hilary Flower. It has a lot of great info for nursing through pregnancy and tandem nursing.

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In a normal healthy pregnancy you do not need to wean your older child. Women nurse through pregnancy, and continue to feed both the new baby and older baby more often than most people realize. You do need to make sure you're eating enough and staying hydrated. 500 extra calories per day for nursing, and 300 extra per day for the pregnancy means 800 extra calories per day.

There is a great book on nursing throughout pregnancy and beyond called Adventures in Tandem Nursing. It's written by Hillary Flowers. You can get it on

If you want more general info about continuing to nurse through pregnancy and beyond just google "tandem nursing".

Many Dr's and Nurses recommend weaning the older baby... because they just don't have the knowledge about it. They don't know it can be done safely.

A few things you may run into though. Many women experience breast sensitivity during pregnancy, and nursing a child while you're sensitive like that can be painful. Doesn't mean it will be... but it might be. Also, I don't remember what point this happens, but many moms find that they're supply drops, and a few moms even dry up completely just due to the hormone changes of pregnancy. And your milk can change in taste too. Some babies don't care about the change in taste, others will stop nursing. Nursing can cause more braxton hicks contractions which may be uncomfortable for you, but nursing will not cause you to go into pre-term labor (unless perhaps you are already at risk of pre-term labor).

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