Breast in pain.

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One breast is in terrible pain...Still BF, and just accepting the level of pain i am in. my baby is in the 10th month and nothing this bad has accured. Not sure what it could be. Is it possible to have an infection inside your breast. Thats somewhat of what it feels like. Do you see a DR? or just ride with it and it will go eventually? please advise..thanks Moms!


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It could be a clogged duct or an infection. Feel around where it's sore and see if you feel a lump. If you do, this is a clogged duct. Treat it by using a warm compress before and during nursing. Gently massage the lump while nursing. Point your baby's nose at the lump. This will focus the strongest suction on the clog. Start off by nursing on that breast every time until the clog is gone. If you have flu-like symptoms (fever, aches, chills) then you may have mastitis. You should contact your doctor because you may need meds to clear it up. In the meantime, keep nursing because stopping can make it worse. Another thought, is your baby's latch still good. Some older babies may get "lazy" and slip off when nursing. This can make mom really sore. Try to get a in touch with a lactation consultant (there should be one at your local hospital) or go to La Leche League. They have wonderful leaders who can help you. Find a local group here (or call the nearest leader)

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It may also be the first sign of thrush if your nipple gets shinny or red or looks like a rash on the nipple or your baby has white in his mouth. Either way I suggest you look up Dr. Jack Newman's website they have a lot of helpful information.


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My breast hurt horrible every time i breastfed, just as much as my nipples hurt because of not being used to the suckling action.
for the nipple all i did was after breastfeeding i would sqweeze a little milk out and rub it around my nipple and lay on my back and let it air dry. Worked like a beautiful charm.
and what helped take the Boobie pain away for good was the first time I pumped milk out with a Medela machine, I had to leave for a few hours and pumped out about 3oz 4 hours later my boob was almost rock hard, when i came home she was asleep so I pumped more out, until soft and when she woke up i breast fed her. Ever since then (2 weeks after leaving the hospital) I've never had a breast pain.
Hope this helps. Remember u dont need a machine to take milk out, theirs a hands on way to do it. :) hope this helps!

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