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Niambi - posted on 04/06/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I have been breast feeding along with formula and i have to use the nimple shield in order for my db to latch on, but now it seems as if my milk is running out! my db gets very frustrated when breastfeeding, does any one know what i can do to keep my milk suplpy up?!


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Emily - posted on 04/08/2009




My girls were in the NICU in the beginning so they were getting bottles of breastmilk. They have never gone between breast and bottle. It has always been one or the other. In the beginning they wouldn't nurse because the bottle was so much easier. I decided that if I wanted them to nurse sometimes I had to be willing to breastfeed exclusively. I just stopped giving them the bottles and waited it out until the started to nurse. It didn't take long once I took bottles out of the picture all together. They are now 10 mo and wont take a bottle at all. Some kids can go back and forth between the two no issues others will prefer the bottle if offered it. The best way to help your child be less frustrated and help your milk supply is eliminate bottles. Your body will do what your baby needs.

Kat - posted on 04/08/2009




Hi. I used Nipple shields for the 1st 3 months with my daughter due to flat nipples. I don't believe it's the shields affecting your supply but the supplimentary feeding. To build up your supply stop the formular & do the hard slog for a few days & increase your supply by feeding more often. Also as above; drink loads of water, take the Fenugreek, I also have heard that Raspberry Leaf is helpfull with breastmilk. The more you demand from your body the more it will supply. It will be a tough couple days, but will be worth it. (if you are wanting to stop the nipple shields do this once your supply has come good again & nothing else is going on. When all is good again, then try starting the feeds with no shield on bub's favourite side to feed on. Go as long as you both can without the shield; put it on if you have to.)

Katie - posted on 04/08/2009




Since he is only a month old, just know this will get better and easier. Try stripping him down to his diaper and let him lay on your bare chest several hours a day. This gets your hormones going and he will probably nurse spontaneously a few times, plus it will really help with your supply. Express some and leave it on your nipple to get him to want to latch on. I don't know how much you are supplementing, but if he is getting mostly formula then only give him an ounce or so at a time and breastfeed before and after. If he is still getting mostly breastmilk, then stop supplementing. He is probably getting more then you think he is when he does latch.

Get some Fenugreek and take A LOT. 3-4 capsules, 3-4 times a day should boost you up a bit. I like the Mother's Milk tea, too.

I know how hard it is--I have a preemie who couldn't eat for weeks after he was born, then it took almost three months after he came home for us to get good and efficient at it. find your La Leche League group and go or contact the leader. They are supportive, experienced, and will really help you get going. They also have a helpline that you can call and get great advice.

Bridget - posted on 04/07/2009




If you can find it, a fenugreek herb supplement (check the health shops or google it). Eating almonds, getting lots of protien in your diet, drinking your 8 glasses of water a day PLUS a glass each time you breastfeed, make sure you take good care of yourself - having a nap will do wonders for your supply.

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nurse more often and pump between nursing. Your body will think you need more milk and start producing it.

Chelseaszidik - posted on 04/07/2009




How old is your son?  Many women think that they do not have enough milk when the baby is really just going through a growth spurt.  

Krystal - posted on 04/07/2009




if you want your supply up i would recommend stopping supplementing with formula. nurse on demand for a good 3 days - every couple of hours or pump if needed. drink tons and tons of water. nursing is a supply and demand thing - the more you demand of your body to make milk the more your supply will go up. he may get frustrated because the bottle is easier for them to get their milk from.

good luck!


Michele - posted on 04/07/2009




Mmm yes you are certainly stuck between a rock and a hard place! Sorry I cant be of anymore help......would be great if these lovely little bubs came with instruction manuals wouldnt it??!!!!

Niambi - posted on 04/06/2009




thank you! i do take it off when im about to feed him but he is so use to the bottle and the nipple shield he wont take it!

Michele - posted on 04/06/2009




When I had my daughter I had very sore nipples so began using nipple shields and was told by my midwife that it is best to use shields as a short term thing only as they can contribute to slowing of the milk supply. It has something to do with the nipple having direct contact I believe. Hope that helps :)

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