Breast milk storage questions

Lucy - posted on 06/27/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Ok, so i know BM can be kept in the freezer for 3 months and in the fridge for 5 day but once it's been warmed must be thrown away within an hour.

BUT...I was wondering if i have some milk frozen can i then add freshly pumped milk into the storage bottle with the frozen milk or do they need to be stored separately? I can only manage to pump 3oz at a time so my freezer is full of bottles each with just a small amount of milk in!


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Virginia - posted on 06/27/2009




Both breasts can be stored together, but multiple pumpings must be stored seperately... they cannot be mixed. You are only to keep in fridge for 48 hours at the back of the fridge, and you cannot refreeze or place back in the fridge warmed milk. I had the same issue, but now I get 5-6 oz. Also, in the freezer, it should be place in the back so that it doesn't get the door opening air.

Hannah - posted on 06/27/2009




I was told that once the milk is the same temp you can combine them, but the date is the oldest milk date. So, if I have 3oz in the fridge from yesterday(6/26), I can pump another 3oz today (6/27) and after it is chilled to the same temp I can combine them with yesterday's date (6/26) and pop them in the freezer.

Teena - posted on 06/27/2009




Hi Lucy. From what I've read on the Australian Breastfeeding website you can only add chilled milk to frozen milk. You should never add freshly pumped milk to frozen or already chilled milk. So you could pump some fresh milk and chill it in the fridge for a few hours and then add it to the frozen milk in order to get the amount you want. But if you want anymore info on storing breastmilk here is the link to the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Hope this helps.

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