breast milk supply up

Ashley - posted on 05/10/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




how do i make sure its not just going to go away when i start working. or have alot when i pump i can hardly get 4oz out of one breast


Andrea - posted on 05/10/2010




holy cow, 4 oz is a lot! Depending on how many hours since the last feed/pump :) The average that you will need is 1 oz per hour - so it depends on how long you are gone and how often you can pump. If you can pump every 3 hours, you will only need 1.5 oz out of each breast - or 3oz total. The best way to not dry up is to pump as often as possible. If you can get up early and pump, you will have some extra there - but understand, your baby wont need a whole lot. Breastfed babies don't increase how much they eat from age 1-6 months, my daughter is almost 6 months and still only drinks 3 oz every 3 hours or so - sometimes 4, sometimes 2 is enough.

Make sure you have a double electric breast pump. Medela is the strongest - the others just don't cut it in my opinion.

Also make sure your caregiver is educated on breastfed babies - they will ALWAYS seem hungry after a bottle - cause they are used to taking so long to breastfeed - it takes shorter time to bottle feed and their body doesn't know it's full when they are done with a bottle. So they need to sooth is every other way possible before assuming they are still hungry - that way they do not comfort feed.


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Artemis - posted on 09/05/2017




I was in the same boat as far as pumping goes. My son is also 8 months and no matter what I can't get more than 1oz out of each side. My suggestion is to pump for longer and drink Healthy nursing tea.

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