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Cristelle - posted on 04/08/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am breastfeeding a 7 pound preemie who is 3 weeks old. I alternate breasts every feed. When he feeds from my left breast he eats in 15-20 minutes and is happy and content afterwards. When I feed with my right breast, however, he will feed and feed but won't be content unless I finish his feed with my left breast. My milk production is fine on both sides so I think it is just breast preference.
Anyone have any ideas as to how to get him to just feed on my right side?
I don't want to upset my milk production by feeding too much on my left side and not enough on my right side.


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Cristelle - posted on 04/09/2009




Thanks ladies for all your responses.  I tried the football hold this morning and it was much better.

i still had to top him off with my left side (which has always been a little bigger) but I think with some effort from both of us we might be able to sort it out.  I am definitely more comfortable holding him on my left side; something I shall work on.

Valerie - posted on 04/08/2009




Hi Cristelle,

As a mother of four now adult children and four grandchildren, and a nursing mother I offer this to you...babies tend to have a favorite side.  It is not unusual to have one breat a different size from this.   If production is good on both sides all the better.  I would nurse on the less favored side when baby starts to nurse and is most hungry.  Try a different position on that side, perhaps football hold.   What is most important to milk production is to not supplement and to empty your breasts as best you can.  You can also pump and freeze milk to keep that production strong.  Congratulations on your birth.  I honor you for your determination to breastfeed your baby and your excellence to give it your best effort!  Valerie

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I agree with the other ladies here, about being more comfy on the left, especially if you are right handed, and trying different holds if you haven't done so.
I think its important to get him comfy on both sides, because of my experience.. my first was like that and I allowed him to be, he definitely fed off my left side more and towards the end of our BF, my right breast dried up. So I was left feeding him from one side, which was a D cup and the other side a B cup.. it was very difficult to conceal under clothing and made me really self conscious. It also made my right breast a lot smaller than my left once I had completely weaned. I was able to correct it with my second child, by feeding off the right side more and keeping it 'bigger'.
Now on my 4th, they are pretty much the same size.
Was your left breast the bigger one to start with?
I also think sometimes they like the left side because our heartbeat is more that side and they can feel it beating.

Jessica - posted on 04/08/2009




Sometimes babies will have a breast preference when their backs are misaligned or they have an ear infection.  You may want to have him adjusted by a chiropractor who is familiar with infants and see if his feedings change.  Also, if you're worried about him nursing on just one side and getting a plugged duct, you could pump the other side for awhile. 

Maybe try the football hold on your right side if you're using the cradle hold and see if he's more comfortable that way.  Good luck!

Yvonne - posted on 04/08/2009




My daughter was like that the first couple months.  She's go back and forth wanting one breast over the other.  She's nine months old and she still goes to sleep better when nursing on the left side than on the right side.

It might have to do with how you're holding him?  I know it's easier for me to hold my daughter on the left side so I think that's why she's more comfortable there.

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