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Angie - posted on 01/01/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 2 month old seems to have a boob he prefers to nurse from. Sometimes he'll even refuse the one he doesn't like, but will take his favorite. In the meantime, the breast he doesn't like becomes full and uncomfortable and leaks a lot. Is this common? Any suggestions?


Sally - posted on 01/04/2012




Definitely normal. No two boobs are the same (even on the same woman) and most babies have a preference. My daughters favorites changed depending on their moods. When extra hungry they wanted the right for its fast hard let down, for snuggles they wanted the other. Try offering the unwanted boob first for every feeding. Only give the other if he insists. If you can, pump the uncomfortable, leaky one while he nurses from his favorite.
Good luck

Dawn - posted on 01/03/2012




Definitely normal. My 9 mnth old has a preference. I start her on the side she doesn't like when she is good and hungry and finish up on the side she likes. If she refuses i go ahead and give her what she wants and pump the other side for the freezer. I figure she must like that side for a reason. Maybe the letdown is easier or she gets more hindmilk....i don't know. Either way as long as she gets what she needs, I'm good.


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It seems pretty common. My only suggestion is that when he won't take the other breast... offer it first until he does take it again.

My son had a preference, but it didn't really start until he was older (he weaned at 3.25 years) so I could tell him if he didn't take it... he wouldn't get anything. I have a friend who nursed her son til around 3 and for the last year or more of nursing... he only ever had one side. My nephew just turned one and I don't remember when it started, but his mom only nurses him on one side cuz he refused the other.

You get a bit more lopsided, but it's not the end of the world. One breast CAN provide all a nursing baby needs (since I nursed twins the first time around... they each only ever got one side... but traded off). :)

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