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Soan - posted on 05/20/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 9 month baby girl I stopped breast feeding her like 2 days after I got out of the hospital I decided to go with the formula but I really want to Breastfeed her again it is possible or no


Lori - posted on 05/25/2014




Re-lactation IS possible. It will be a lot of work, but yes it's possible.

There are 2 main obstacles you'll need to overcome if you want to breastfeed your baby. First, you need to make milk. Second, you need to get baby to latch on. At 9 months old this may be tricky. I know both of my babies became very distractable at around 9 months old, and it was hard to keep them interested in breastfeeding at times even though that was the only method of feeding they knew.

The link I'm providing here has some really good information about relactating, and about adoptive breastfeeding (similar in that a woman who is not producing milk yet, needs/wants to begin breastfeeding a baby). And at the end of the article, there are a few links to a few more good resources.

Jenn - posted on 05/24/2014




it is possible, you have to start pumping like crazy every 2 hours to send that message to your brain to start making milk. a crazy fun fact: even adoptive parents can breast feed a baby if they work at it. so dont expect milk to come out the first time, it will take a while but if you work at it then it will happen


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Yvonne - posted on 10/01/2015




hello, i was wndering how it went with relactating, did you succeed...?
i stopped breastfeeding when my daughter was 2.5 months, she's now 8 months and im considering to breastfeed her again.

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