Breastfeed baby not pooping help!

Kerry - posted on 08/23/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby boy is 2 months and 1 week old. He is exclusively breastfed he was pooping after every feeding and the paSt 2 weeks he has gone 3 to 5 days the most without ppooping he's very gassy we took him to his doctor and he recommended me to put him on pedialyte throughout the day and give him enfamil gentlease to wash him out but this didn't work. Then they told me to help him poop by using thermometer to stimulate him and that's the only way he's been able to poop can someone tell me what other good remedies can I do to help my baby. Also when he poops its normal breastfeed green mustard seed like looking ones.Someone also suggested I give him chamomile tea


Angela - posted on 10/31/2017




"Babies magic tea" seemed to help my little one when her gas pains and struggle with pooping were bad when she was about a month old. We are breastfeeding plus supplementing with formula so I both drank the tea and used it in place of water when mixing a bottle of formula. It did really a magic fix all helping her gas pains and she started pooping without any struggle.

Sarah - posted on 08/24/2015




Breastfed babies don't always have very many dirty diapers. It is not unusual for breastfed babies to go 7 to 10 days without pooping. Formula can actually make a baby constipated due to the added iron. If your baby is eating normally and having enough wet diapers there is no reason to introduce formula. If when baby does poop it is soft and not hard then baby is fine and there is nothing you need to is NOT constipated. Passing gas, grunting or even crying when pooping, etc. are all normal and natural things babies do.

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