Breastfeeding 12 month old and wondering about solids and overeating

Amber - posted on 09/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




So my lo still breastfeeds quite frequently and just started eating more solids but doesnt seem to breastfeed less? im just wondering if I need to be doing something more. Is she overeating or not eating enough solids to make a huge diff?? also she still nightfeeds just enough to fall asleep is she wakes does that all add up to her taking in to many calories?? should it matter? will it effect her later in life? haha idk!! i have no breastfeeding knowledged friends. ne advice would b great!!


Lori - posted on 09/09/2012




As long as you're not force feeding her solids it's fine.. don't worry about it. Babies and Kids all go through stages of eating more.. then eating less. Usually they eat more just before a growth spurt. This could be what's going on with your LO. In general a breastfed baby won't overeat. It's much easier to overeat from a bottle, or if parents are pushing that extra bite etc.

My 21 month old still nightfeeds too. She nurses just before bed, and I nurse her back to sleep when she wakes during the middle of the night. Breast milk is still probably the healthiest thing you're feeding your LO. And if you keep breastfeeding throughout this next year you will lower her chances of obesity. Don't count calories in a LO. Let her be the guide as to how much or how little food she eats. If she gets more milk one day and less the next chances are she'll adjust the amount of solid foods according to her needs too.


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