Breastfeeding 13 month old many times at night

Fanchon - posted on 10/21/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am still mostly bf'ing my 13 month old. she goes back and forth from being interested in real food especially since she's getting 4 teeth in right now. She still cosleeps and that has been working well, but I would like to get a full nights rest at some point! LOL. I bf my other 2 kiddos but only til they were 6 and 9 months and we did the whole "cry it out" thing which totally backfired on us and we said we wouldn't do it this time around. She is a very happy and content baby and I still nurse her on demand which can be up to 10+ times a day, which works for me bc I stay home. I think she is getting too old to still be nursing so much at night though and I would love for her to learn how to sleep in her bed now. I have her in her crib right now but I am sitting on the bed across the room so she can still see me. Help!!! LOL any suggestions for the nighttime nursing and crib sleeping????


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Heather - posted on 10/21/2010




??? my son is 21 months and we cosleep and he nurses lot at night when teething. i dont know if that helped but i just dont want you to think its not normal. i borrowed a book on cosleeping from my laleeche league and it was interesting

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