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I have been breastfeeding since day 1on october 19 everything was going well unil this past week, My nipples are really sore now, they are pink now and very tender to touch i have been using the Lansinoh stuff and puttin it on after each feeding but it doesnt seem to help they are still sore. My baby seems to be latching perfect i don't know what is wrong they seem to sting almost any idea on what to do or what is wrong with me?>


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The hospital you had the baby at should have a free lactation consultant, use that resource. They help so much. It is rough the first two months, after that time is when nursing wasn't painful anymore. Also, Le Leche League is a huge help, they will even come to your home. Good luck, just don't give up!

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I would look into the possibility of thrush as well. If your nursig was perfectly comforable for the first full three weeks, the pain doesn't usually begin after that time. I have been dealing with thrush with my now 5 month old girl, occasional pains in breast and/or underarm, sore nipple, letdown a little intense too, and sensitive breast overall. I started taking grapefruit seed extract (follow instructions on bottle) and also swabbing my daughters mouth with it. It is nasty tasting, but really effective. Good luck and congrats on choosing to breastfeed, sometimes I feel like we are a dying breed.

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I don't think anything is wrong either. It takes a while for your nipples to adjust to all the stimulation. For some is takes 2 weeks, others it can take up to 6 (like me!). There was nothing wrong with my daughter's latch either, I was just really sensitive. Try a nipple shield. It should help alleviate some pain. If it hurts just for the first 2 minutes of nursing, then you are fine. If you are in a lot of pain throughout the entire nursing session, then there could be something wrong with the latch. Pain at first is very normal..that's why they have support groups for nursing moms! Keep it up! You are giving your baby the best milk!

Lucienne - posted on 11/11/2009




nothing is wrong with you jessica!!!

i had the exact same issue, and i was so worried and they hurt so much that my milk supply dropped and i HAD to formula feed twice... it was HORRIBLE!!!!

but, slowly they stopped hurting and everything was ok.

I think because your gorgeous little one is only 3 or so weeks old you will find that your nipples may take some time to adjust, they will stop hurting!!! try some natural nipple lotions too, some can make a real difference, and maybe out some ice in a tea towel and just place that over them, that can reduce the pain a little.

i hope this helps you a bit! your doing the right thing, being a new mum is hard and its so great that your BFing! you are doing a great job, they will stop hurting !!!

hope that can help a little, its just the experience i had and the method i used, i they keep hurting maybe ask a doctor or a lactation consultant

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