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hi my name is Sorina Adryana my age is 29 years am married I live in Romania I have a boy 8 months and breastfeeding but give him solid food and our favorite breastfeeding position is in arms but as I increased my weights it is about breastfeeding while lying in your arms refuse to drink when awake but sleepy eyes at night when we are small we can nurse lying quietly in bed with you the favorite or preferred position was that you used to breastfeeding

How long have you breastfeeding i'm and now while I am breastfeeding milk and continue as he wants to suck

What position did you use to breastfeeding

I preferred lying down. If I layed on my right side, he used the left breast and vice / versa. It worked well for us. me or beside me lies or lies across my lap hes on the sofa or kid were little, I did the football hold with them.


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The position that has always worked best for me and my son is when I lay down and he lays on top of me. He will eat in pretty much any position though.

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