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Do I have any chances to fall pregnant again I breastfeed a 1year old boy by I never had my periods since I had him and guess what we don't use protection


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Agatha - posted on 03/23/2014




Yes you can get pregnant!! I got pregnant with #2 when #1 was nursing full time and I never had a period. If you don't want to be on birth control (which is really not good for you) you can do what we do and use an Ovacue. Or you could just watch for your cervix and mucus change that will cue you in that your fertility is returning.

Lori - posted on 03/21/2014




Yes you can still become pregnant. Breastfeeding does decrease the chances, but it doesn't eliminate the chances. Your period could return at any time now, and it is possible to get pregnant during your first cycle - which means you could get pregnant before having a period.

On a personal note - I didn't use any protection after my first was born. My periods returned after 14 months. I got pregnant when my LO was 21 months old, and I didn't wean her until after I was pregnant again. My daughter had started sleeping through the night most nights around 17 months, so it took about 4 months from that time before I got pregnant again.

Some women can get pregnant again right away after they have their baby, others may not get pregnant again until after they wean.

If you're wanting another baby - and it sounds like perhaps you do, just be patient.

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