breastfeeding and allergies in baby ( Rash, spitting up, constipation? projectile vomiting) need advice

Chrystal - posted on 09/23/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 1 month old EB daughter broke out in a pimply rash on her face and ears around 2 weeks old. Around the same time she started developing symptoms of reflux ( spitting up after feedings, projectile vomiting, lots of gas, can't be laid down flat EVER) The Ped. put her on Prilosec at my request ( it seems to be helping a little) She also only poops about every other day. When she nurses she does take in a lot of air- I can hear the clicking sounds, and slurping- we are working on it by changing to the football hold position and the RAM technique. So this could be contributing to her projectile vomiting , spitting up and gas, right? This week the rash spread to her neck, shoulders, and torso and got REALLY red and irritated and she started itching at it like crazy. The Ped. just kept telling me it was baby acne, but baby acne doesn't itch, right? So I finally took her to a Dermatologist who put her on 2 steroid creams and an anti-fungal cream twice a day. She said it was a combo of baby acne and Dermatitis ( a broad term covering all skin inflammations) Hallelujah! it has worked wonders! I also cut out Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Eggs, and Nuts from my diet. She is still projectile vomiting about once a day, and still spitting up but not as fussy and gassy. I AM still eating Oatmeal though.

My question is: has anyone experienced this, was it from something that you were eating that caused the baby to react? I'm wondering if all her symptoms are related or just coincidence?, I'm worried about Pyloric Stenosis but probably just paranoid. Should I stop eating oatmeal too? Does anyone have any recipes for the Elimination Diet? I'm starving! If she was allergic to oatmeal an oatmeal bath would irritate her, right? Any feedback would be appreciated!


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Savannah - posted on 09/24/2010




In my opinion the rash isn't related to the spitting up or gas, it sounds like baby acne. Which I thought my daughter had baby acne around 2 weeks of age and it turned out to be that she was allergic to the bath wash I was using to I had to switch to aveeno for baby and it cleared up in 2 days! Have you tried Aveeno for the skin problem, you can get it without fragrence, I still use it and she is 8 months old and has grown out of the issue with the bath was, because I ran out of hers and didn;t know it and used j&j which was what broke her out and she done fine with it now! The gas could be the bottles that you use, which could also cause spitting up (not the projecticle just the spitting up) if you are breastfeeding which I see that you are if you are worried about your diet she may not be latching on just right, my ped. said that was a probable cause for my daughters gas or if you pump and use bottle or have to supplement as I had to because I didn't produce enough to satisfy my daughter soothie, dr browns and breastflow all hurt my daughters belly, gave her horrible gas and caused her to spit up, sleeping upright in her bouncy was all that helped this until I switched to playtex drop in bottles because you can get all the air out, I prob. didn't answer anything you were looking for haha but I am praying for your daughter and with babies symptoms do come as a coincidence sometimes but you can't be to cautious with your lil one. It;s always best to rule out everything! I hope for the best for you and that you find the answers you need for your sweet baby!

Mandy - posted on 09/24/2010




My baby was very fussy and vomited/spit up alot..I also cut out everything you did and then chocolate, and yeast. Good luck.

Cara - posted on 09/23/2010




Hey Chrystal,

I understand what you're going through! My son (now 6 months) dealt with many of the same things when he was younger. Right at about 2 weeks he suddenly was fussy all the time, got really gassy, started spitting up, and was obviously in pain. I started looking everywhere online to figure out what to do. I cut dairy, soy, chocolate, and caffine. It seemed to help. I read ALL labels and kept dairy and soy out of my diet completely for about a month. I also decided to do an Elimination Diet because I was tired of always wondering "was it something I ate?" anytime he spit up or got fussy. I followed the Dr. Sears one:

It was tough and incredibly bland after a few days but I'm glad I did it. I only did it for a week since dairy was already out of my diet. In the end there didn't seem to be much change in Joshua so I quit worrying about everything I ate and just did what I could to keep him comfortable.

Now he seems to be able to tolerate dairy in small amounts and most other foods just fine (in milk). I can tell when I over-do dairy because he spits up a lot afterwards.

As far as skin care goes, we've been using Free degergent for everything in the house (he had very sensitive skin...broke out in a rash even when other people held him) and I never washed him with any soap. Just water for baths.

Stick with it - it will get better! Do what you can and don't stress about what you can't. Just be there for her and hold her when she's upset. There will be times when you can't do anything to help but she will know that you love her and that you care. And that's really all that matters.

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Some spitting up is normal because baby's tummy muscle is not quite strong enough to hold down pure liquid. The only other suggestion I have is to do frequent small feeds so that her tummy doesn't get too full. Hang in there! It will get better. In a few months you may be able to slowly add back foods to your diet that you're worried about not. You may not even need to do all the foods you are now. Did you eliminate one at a time or all together? Info on your diet and food sensitivities:

Victoria - posted on 09/23/2010




Pyloric stenosis usually shows symptoms about 2 to 3 weeks after birth. Its also more common in firstborns and boys. If it was this she would be vomiting all food up very forcefully and there would be other signs such as lack of weight gain. If the doctor hd any worries that it was pyloric stenosis they would have sent her for a scan. Hope this reassures x

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