Breastfeeding and birth control

Rhianna - posted on 12/24/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My OB/GYN recently prescribed the mini-pill (progestin only) for me. Anyone seen any effects on their breast milk supply or anything else? Has it been effective for other people taking it in preventing pregnancy?


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Beverly - posted on 12/25/2010




I was prescribed the same thing and chose not to continue. We switched to condoms. I didn't want to find out IF there are/were any side effects. Anything we ingest, our babies get, progestin or whatever. We don't fully know the long term effects and personally don't want to find out. Doctors have been telling us that so many drugs are safe to take while pregnant/BF. It's upto us to research and inform ourselves.

Danielle - posted on 12/25/2010




i was on the mini pill for about a year, although thay do sayu it wont be as affective by that stage, but to start with it is supposed to work well. once you get to about 6 month old they say your supply should be well enough established to go on the normal pill

Catherine - posted on 12/24/2010




I take it, and I haven't had any supply problems. It shouldn't affect your supply, but I've heard that it can, so it's something to watch out for. So far it has worked for me as birth control, but from what I've heard it isn't as effective as other pills. My OBGYN also warned me that it is particularly sensitive to being taken at the same time every day to be fully effective. Good luck!

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