Breastfeeding and bleeding

Kimberly - posted on 01/09/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




I've been breastfeeding and everything I've heard and read says that when you do you don't get your period until a while after you stop. My baby is three months old so I'm nowhere near weaning him but I started bleeding. A heavy, dark, clotty blood. Has anyone else had this happen? I don't know what to do.


Sarah - posted on 01/10/2010




Ok I have a question, I still havent been to my doctor yet for my 6 week checkup... I stopped bleeding about a week and a half ago, then I started again the day before yesterday... on and off. I am exclusively breastfeeding, so is this postpatrum bleeding or my period?

Sylvie - posted on 01/10/2010




I got my periods when my daughter was 6 months old and I was still nursing around the clock. Some get them back early and some don't. It all depends on your body and how it reacts. I'm still nursing at 17 months, and have been having them regularly since I started. I do find them heavier than what they used to be but I think it's because I'm still nursing.

Bridgette - posted on 01/09/2010




You can still get your period while nursing, it can be completely different to pre-pregnancy periods. They come back heavier, the same, lighter, more regular, less regular; you never know to be honest. Mine hasn't come back normal - I just get spotting instead of actually bleeding and it's extremely irregualr (probably because I'm not ovulating yet). Every woman is different. However, heavy clotty bleeding is not something to ignore, go get it checked out, just in case something is not right

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My cycle came back IMMEDIATELY. I was breastfeeding exclusively and my first cycle came about 30 days after the PP bleeding ended.

Dena - posted on 03/17/2013




my daughter is also 3 months old and is exclusively breastfeeding. the EXACT same thing happen to me starting 3 or 4 days ago and it still happening. i have breastfed 3 other children and never had any bleeding at all until i started weaning them.

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Tamara - posted on 01/09/2010




everyone is different. i have been breastfeeding since my son has been born and i bled for the first two months (its been three months since i had him) the doctor said that it was fine. and it is also common if you start birth control while breastfeeding to get your period. its nothing to worry about.

Minnie - posted on 01/09/2010




When you get your period is dependent on how responsive your body is to prolactin levels and also how you nurse your baby. Mothers who give pacifiers/bottles/schedule nurse their infants tend to get their period sooner than mothers who don't use pacifiers/bottles/and demand-feed-comfort nurse their infants.

Some mothers require very high levels of prolactin to maintain lactational amennorhea. Others don't. You see, it varies widely from woman to woman.

IVANA - posted on 01/09/2010




its normal,dont worry my first cycle came about 40 days after the PP bleeding ended.

Cori - posted on 01/09/2010




i EBF for 13 months but i got my period back after 2 months.. it was in no way regular i would get it every other month or every couple of months but when i did get it was really dark and clotty looking (like after baby only not THAT bad) if you get to worried about it being to dark or clotty then call your OB... i did because i had stopped bleeding from post birth and then a couple months later it looked so similar but it was just my period being crazy!

Emma - posted on 01/09/2010




When did you finish your postpardum? If its been 28 or so days then more than likely your period is starting. That happened to me, about 2 months after I had my son I got my periods...ugh...but it does happen. I can tell you from my personal experience that the first couple were really dark and quite heavy. However, if you start going through a pad an hour and you are getting severe pain I would get checked by a doctor, you can never be too careful.

Paulina - posted on 01/09/2010




some people do get it even if ur nursing but if thats not right go to your doctor let them know whats going on.

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