Breastfeeding and exhaustion

Brittaini - posted on 10/31/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Having a very hard time here lately. I had to go back to work when my baby was almost 12 weeks old and she is almost 20 weeks old. My milk supply is slowing and she is starting a growth spurt...we ve gone through our backup milk supply in the freezer...i had almost 6 weeks worth saved up and now we are down to like 5 days :( I hate having that stress lurking over me. I didnt have a backup for my son and when i worked it was stressful trying to pump for th next day and sometimes he was still hungry! Im exhausted. I dont know if its having to cope with having two kids now, the older of which still throws violent temper tantrums and he is 6, and then having to come home and do housework, cook 4 days of the week and my husband still expects me to give him attention too. i feel like im spent and i hate that! i really want to have more kids but im falling asleep at work and cranky when i get home...any suggestions!


Michelle - posted on 10/31/2010




Id like to congradulate you, I dont work and have ine daughter(6mths) and I am exhausted. Maybe bulk cook your meals. Can you get ur hubby to help you with the housework, ive tryed with mine but doesnt work maybe youll have more luck. Maybe do a formula feed during the day, maybe evry 2nd day if u can produce enough milk for a full day. I was having trouble with my breastmilk production so I started drinking alot more water and it went back up, so you could always check your fluid intake, your life sounds really hectic so maybe get a couple of water bottles and keep 1 with you at all times that way ur always drinking, hope this helps and things get better for you. I think your a wonderwoman for going back to work so early!! so congradulations on that

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