Breastfeeding and migraine?

Cara - posted on 10/17/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I have had terrible migraines since my daughter was born 2yrs 9 months! I get 20 plus migraines a month which have got worse over time and Summer is worse than winter.
I saw the specialist last week who said that bfing may be part of the trigger (I get hormone migraines aswell as other triggers) and also told me that I have exhausted the list of bf friendly drugs! Eeeeek I am desperate so I came home and told little one no more milk coz the dr says! I thought she would have a fit (she has refused any suggestions of stopping before this point) but has been absolutely fine........ I could not have stopped her otherwise and I am glad she made the choice to be fine with it.... I guess we were both ready :)

So anyway I was wondering if anyone else found bfing to be a migraine trigger?

I have to say so far (it's day 4 since we stopped) my migraines have not improved!
I have thoroughly enjoyed bfing and am a bit sad it has come to an end but it's time for a new journey with my little one!


Nesa - posted on 10/17/2011




I have migranes very often (not as much as you but enough). I have been breastfeeding for 2 years now and i never thought this could be a factor. as for your situation maybe your migranes havnt improved because its still on your mind. I know even though my daughter only nurses once or twice a day now i still have it on my head all the time. Maybe as the time goes by with not Bf and you get used to it they will subside a little...good luck

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