Breastfeeding and solids

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We are going to be starting my daughter on solids after we get home from vacation in 2 weeks and I was just wondering how this will impact her breastfeeding. I know that you aren't supposed to replace her normal feedings with solids but will she want to go longer without breastfeeding after she has solids? What do I do to make sure i keep but supply up after she starts solids. How long before shes starts breastfeeding less or will she breastfeed the same amount as before? Right now she eats about every 2 hours. This is my first time with all this and im just not sure how its all going to work out.


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my daughter had no interest in baby foods. she didn't really seem interested in solids until around 10 months, when she could feed herself "real" food. the longer you wait, the better. there really is no need for solids in the first year, and definitely NOT before 6-7 months for breastfed babies. your little one has the rest of her life for foods! check out the links i posted, they have some great information. in my experience, solids DO NOT make a baby nurse less often or sleep longer. good luck momma, and good for you for actually researching what you are doing prior to just doing something you are a little unsure of!!!


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What you do is nurse a full feeding first, and then see if she wants solids. If she does, great, she'll probably still nurse just as much as she did before. If she doesn't want solids, you don't sweat it.

Remember, the amount of solids she'll be taking in is pretty small. You're not looking at a full meal here like two ounces, or even half that.

The best way to go about it is give her table foods when she can pick them up, put them in her mouth, and chew them. Purees on a spoon often end up with the baby being given solids before she's truly ready, and end up with her often times being given too much (because purees can be pretty much shoveled in).

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my baby boy is just 10wks he was 4wks early..we started solids last week an he is breast feed i have 4 other kids an feed them all early also i alway feed from breast first, burp then give small amounts of runny food than burp than offer breast again my son has gone from feeding every 1an a half hours to 4-5hrs he eats at 7am than at 12pm than at about 7-8pm so he stays aslleep almost all night..hope my advice has helps

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