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I am starting my 6 mth old on solids. Just looking for advice on if I Breastfeed her before solids or after she has had her solids. My CCN has told me to give her Solids first but I think she should get all the nutrients from my milk first then if she is still hungry get the extra nutrients from foods. Also how many times should I be breastfeeding her now that she is on solids and what the routine should be as in breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner and where breastfeeding fits in. Any advice is appreciated thanks!!!


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What I know is that solids either given before or after breastfeeding there should be an interval of 20 min or so or they interfere with the absorption of the nutrients in breast milk.

Even though doctors are very knowledgeable honestly not many of them know much about baby's and what is truly best for them, you are the one who has the PhD so to say in your child needs.


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breast feed whenever she wants!! and yes nurse her first then give her the solids, since she is new the eating, this will help ensure your supply stays 7.5 month old LOVES to eat solids, but he also loves loves loves to still nurse, at first i only did breakfast and dinner for him, at the table when we ate! but once he realy started loving food and we got through the "trial" period of the food he wanted lunch to! i no longer buy baby food and just blend what we are tastes SOOO much better and he eats like twice as much! lol. Remember that 6 months is to young for you to stop nursing and only rely on solids! also, are you giving her tea?

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When they're this young you should breastfeed first then offer solids about an hour later. Solids are a supplement to nursing for the first year and shouldn't replace nursing just yet. You're right, she should get the majority of her nutrition from your milk. When I started my daughter I just offered solids every now and then. It was only once a day and sometimes not every day. We didn't start into a routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner until after she was a year old. I continued to nurse on demand. Now at 14 months she has 3 meals and 1 snack and nurses at least three times a day.

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my son is 7mos. now. i gave him solids 2 times a day 8a.m. and 4p.m.. because the dr. instructed me.

i breastfeed him anytime..... i think its both ok bofore or after solids... and i dont limit breastfeeding him...

(he cries when he wants milk)...LOL

()(based on experience)

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