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Naomi - posted on 11/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi! My little boy is getting close to 6 months, and seeming to get pretty interested in food, and I am planning on giving him solid foods within the next month. I am just curious what other moms started their babies on. I know doctors say start with cereal, or simple veggies or rice or something along that line, but I would like to know what other moms started with, and how you incorporated the foods along with breastfeeding. I have NO intention on weaning until we are both ready, so I am just wondering how I should go about starting the solid foods, and not interfere with our nursing. Any suggestions? Advice? Personal Stories? Thanks in advance!!!


Carolyn - posted on 11/24/2010




My son has been on solids for about 2 months now, just about to turn 6 months.

I suggest breastfeeding as usual then about a half hour to an hour later, offer a small amount of food.

I liked starting with rice cereal/ oatmeal because you can mix breastmilk with it, so it still has a familiar taste and some extra calories and nutrients. start with a few tablespoons in the morning, so you have all day to watch for reactions. after a few days or so , add a second helping ( i did right before bed) ,

introduce a new food every 3 or so days, moving proven ones to later in the day. gradually increasing the number of meals/ kinds of foods, over time.

the idea is to compliment the nursing and not suppliment it. if you notice any changes in the nursing, you might be over feeding the solids. so cut back a bit and he'll beef up on the nursing.

thats how i did, little bits over time, building up amount and variety.

things like avacado are a great first fruit, it is high in calories and jammed backed with good things without getting baby hooked on sweet things.

after cereal we started with squash, peas, carrots, green/waxed beans, then added the sweeter stuff like sweet potatoes etc. i suggest making sure your baby is good to go on veggies first, and wait a while before introducing fruit. i have seen the consequences of fruits to early , and they are not pretty when trying to get those veggies in.

try making your own baby food ! it is sooo good to know that your giving the best to your baby and you have complete controle over what is going into it. the jars have hardly anything nutrition wise. I didnt like the heinze cereals, they are made with soy and may contain cows milk, they made my little guys tummy upset. We havent had any issues with the nestle cereal.
and that is the end of my novel lmao


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Gina - posted on 11/24/2010




my daughter turns 6 months on friday since last week i ave been tryin her on powder meals only once a day but plenty of boobie time she seems 2 b liken it so will wait till next week and up it to 2 meals i am plannin on feedin my dauhter till at least she turns 1 ............ just take each day has it comes baby cud take 2 it rite a way but also make sure u ot plenty ov time has it cud take a while 4 baby 2 finish the meal gud luck .............

Melissa - posted on 11/24/2010




My youngest Briggs turned one on Halloween and I am still breastfeeding. Just before 6monthe I started him on solid food because he was showing all the queues he was ready. When I started I put him on the heinz stage one rice cereal. After his morning feed I would make up a couple table spoons and let him finish as much or little as he wanted too. After he had the rice for 5 days I would try him with a different stage 1 cereal. (doctors recommendations to prevent food allergies or recognize what they are allergic to if they have food allergies). After he was on his second cereal for a few days I went to two cereal feedings a day. Breakfast and diner. I just kept slowly increasing his table spoons, trying new cereals and adding meals and snacks according to when he showed he needed more than just breast milk to eat. Hope this is helpful.

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