Breastfeeding and using a dummy/pacifier

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I need some advice on using a dummie while breastfeeding. Those who have used one, did it effect how long you breastfed for and at what age did you use one? Any advice on this subject would be helpful, thanks!


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It's good to know kids don't use their dummies forever! Wanted to update and say that my little girl is settling down a lot more and is using the dummy well. We only use it if she's in the car (it works most of the time) and for sleeping if she won't go to sleep without it (it's about half the time) and sometimes is she is fussing/crying a lot and just needs to suck. So things are improving, yah!!!!! Thanks so much for all the posts and helpful advice. It's so nice to have a place like this to get encouragement and help.

Mary - posted on 11/12/2011




my baby boy used a pacifier from birth-about 7 months. He now sucks his thimb when he is tired. I never used it to skip feedings. my son liked his pacifier if he was tired or in his car seat.

Holly Janelle - posted on 11/07/2011




Aww sounds like your doing an awesome job mommy! I'm sure you'll be able to get her figured out soon :) x

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Yah Holly, that did work for my first daughter, she loved breastfeeding,would feed for ages, and use it for comfort, and still does! Our newborn however seems to want it for comfort sometimes and other times will just come off the breast and I offer it multiple times. I wonder if she is doing that because I have a lot of milk and she won't suck if she is getting too much. I dunno! She is a bit of a hard one to figure out at the moment. I'm always offering the breast first and cuddles and then as a last resort offering the dummy. I certainly wish that I could just be a pacifier for her but like I said it only seems to work sometimes! Also, having a toddler makes it hard to be constantly holding the newborn. It's hard. I wish I could do both all the time but I guess that's the reality of having more than one child! Thanks for the advice, I'm trusting the newborn will settle down in the next few weeks or more!

Holly Janelle - posted on 11/06/2011




Do you have a problem being her pacifier? You are her mom and bfing is very comforting to babies and you are their comfort and security. My daughter cried a lot at the beginning because I just knew that she wasnt hungry but was giving me her cue that she wanted to nurse and hadn't realized that she just wanted to "comfort nurse" and once I figured that out she has been the happiest baby the only time she gets fussy is when she's hungry and she is good at letting me when she just wants to comfort nurse. Everyone comments on how good and calm and quiet she is and I honestly think that's why, my aunt used a pacifier for soothing with her first and her breast for soothing with her second and she said it makes a great deal of positive difference (but that's just been our experience). I hope this helps! I wish you the best of luck :) I thought I would offer this if she is really crying all the time, I bet it would calm her down a lot.

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Thanks to those who have responded to my question! I've found the answers to be quite helpful. We have started using a dummy with our baby and although it's taken a few times of using it for her to keep it in for a while, it's starting to work well. We've only used it at night, when we've tried every other option and she's been crying for a couple of hours and in the car when she starts to scream. It has been helpful so far. Since I have a very good supply of milk, I'm not worried about loosing that. And since she is only just over 3 weeks old, hopefully she'll settle down in a month or so. We'll see!!!

Holly Janelle - posted on 11/05/2011




My daughter is 7 months and prefers me as her pacifier I nurse her to sleep and for comfort if she needs it. She isn't crazy about pacifiers. The only time we can get her to take one is if she is half asleep and doesn't realize the switch or my mom or hubby is watching her and I'm not around, if she knows I'm there she won't take one she would rather have the real thing.

Jackie - posted on 11/04/2011




my daughter had one from when she was about 2months old until she was about 6months old it never effected the bf flow i had, she used it mainly after i fed her, otherwise she would have been on the boob all night and i was not for that.. my son had one from the day he was born, he suffered from sever wind and reflux and the doctors told me to get him one to help with that as he wanted to feed all the time.. and that wasnt helping his issues... this helped me get my flow under control as i am, as my hubby says "a good cow" lol, i had milk EVERYWHERE so it was my saving grace, it helped reduce the milk i had.. lol and with my 9month old daughter she was a premmie and my pediatrician and the doctors in the NICU gave her one when she was born to promote the sucking reflex, she didnt like it but did its job, she now has one still she gets it after shes had a full feed and thinks she wants more as premmies tend to overfeed..

Callie - posted on 11/01/2011




I gave my daughter a binky at a few weeks old. She turns 2 tomorrow and still uses it and is still nursing. I always nursed on demand and never used it to replace feedings (she would have let me if I tried). She didn't start using it a lot until she started eating solids.

Hillary - posted on 11/01/2011




My youngest used a yucky from around 2 months until 2 and a bit...she bf'd for over 2 years. I bf'd on demand, but having three other children, sometimes the yucky was great for when she was in need and I couldn't get to her at just that moment. She also has sensory integration disorder, so she used sucking as her coping method, without the yucky she would have nursed 24/7 and that just wasn't possible. The yucky was my saving grace due to her need to suck. Some kids want to suck more and others don't. My friend has a daughter the same age as my youngest, never used a yucky and bf'd for 14 months. The yucky is a very personal choice, some people are dead set against them , and others love them. Although I never used it as a replacement, it was great for car trips, my one son has severe and it is a 7 hour round trip to see his respirologist so my kids need to be able to travel. Sometimes I needed something to soothe her for a few minutes while I dealt with the others. I found if she was truly hungry, she wouldn't take the yucky anyway, so it could never replace her nursing. It is a personal choice though, you will find many pro and many cons to the yucky. As long as you don't introduce it too soon (most reccomend 6 weeks before introducing it) and don't use it to put off a feed, they can be very helpful and won't interfere with nursing.

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My girls used a pacifier from birth til almost 2 years. We breastfed for 15 months. They were VERY mouthy babies/toddlers/young kids and really didn't care WHAT was in their mouths as long as something was in there. I didn't want thumb suckers and the pacifier was much cleaner/safer than a lot of the other things they routinely tried to stick in their mouths. They actually didn't 'really' quit mouthing things til they were 5/6ish (though it greatly diminished after 2/3).

My son took a pacifier a few times in the first week or two, but after that he wanted nothing to do w/ it. I WAS his pacifier until we weaned at 3.25 years old. He's always been way less mouthier than his sisters though and very rarely stuck anything unsafe in his mouth (though there certainly were a few times).

Ania - posted on 10/31/2011




I did not use it, but my sister did for a while when her baby was 3 months old and she noticed that she nursed less and strted gaining weight slower. This was her observation, so she stopped using it after a month or so

Amy - posted on 10/31/2011




My son who is now 5 refused to use one unfortunately with him we only bf for about 6 months. My daugher is 19 months old and still bf's twice a day, she took a pacifier till about 7 months which is when she started teething. Like Liz I always nursed on demand and never used it in place of a feeding unless I needed 5 minutes to finish cooking dinner.

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I used one occasionally until 2-3 months when my son found his thumb and preferred it. I still breastfeed him at 13mo.

I didn't use dummies to replace or hold off feedings. I nursed and still nurse on demand. It was just useful sometimes to have a dummie for comfort, like in the pram.

Anyway, he sucked his thumb until 8 months and then stopped.

He doesn't like anything now except for boobs. :)

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