Breastfeeding and working moms...any tips?

Julia - posted on 01/11/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am about to go back to work, just part time, but I will be working 12 hour shifts (I'm a nurse). I wil only work two a week so I'm planning on pumping during my absence and I have plenty of milk frozen so I guess I'm just looking for tips and encouragment. I really do not want to go back to work but these economic times aren't leaving much of a choice.


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Naomi - posted on 01/11/2010




you can do it :)
my son is now 19 months old and I've been pumping at work for 16 months. I used to pump 2x/day but now that he doesn't take bm from anything but me, I lowered to 1/day and am not quite ready to stop just yet... LOL. so the extra I'm donating to another mom who doesn't have enough

GL. take care of yourself, drink a lot of water and eat well

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i went back to work FT when little one was only 8 weeks. i am the primary financial provider in our household because my husband is going back to school full time. i am also breastfeeding. i'm going on 3 months successfully pumping! it can be done! just make sure you keep up with it. you're lucky to only have 2 work days per week, that way you can keep your supply up by BFing the other 5 days. don't get discouraged, you can do it!

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I went back to work part time when my baby was 2 months old but as it was only one day a week initially my partner arranged to be at home that day to look after the little one. I left pumped milk but she refused to take a bottle so he had to spoon feed it to her! When she was about 11 months I upped my hours to two and a half days a week and she goes to a childminder during that time. She just has water or juice from a sippy cup when she's there and only has breastmilk directly from me when I'm around. It's easier as they get older :-)

Christine - posted on 01/11/2010




I was in exactly the same boat when I went back a couple of weeks ago. I'm also a nurse but I work in a clinic. I'm only working 15 hours a week but I tell you even with those few hours it was hard. I cried all morning the first day of daycare. Then the second day was easier. I did start an at home business which I've had success in. I'm hoping to be home full time within 6 months. You can send me a message if you want to hear anymore about that. I love this forum so I don't want to solicit! :)

All I can say is hang in there. It will get better. Try to group your work days together so that you have a week or so off inbetween if you can. And make sure you pump whenever your baby would normally eat. The days will fly by and you'll be home with baby in no time!

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