Breastfeeding Bride!! How will thiswork? Has anyone done this before? My son will be 4.5 months at my summer wedding in August- any suggestions?


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Rachel - posted on 05/20/2011




Thanks everyone and Congrats Jennifer!! I'm also worried about him spitting up on my dress but I guess you're right- I could just take it off all together to feed him. I wont be drinking til the very end when he goes home with my mother and I have lots of milk pumped and frozen for the honeymoon etc, I'm still gonna have to pump to get rid of engorgment but at keast the pump cant spit up on me! lol Thanks guys, I asked on another forum and was amde out to be insane for trying it! everyone saud 2 weeks before the wedding to switch to formula! An option I didn't even consider, so thanks a lot! (Also, I bought my dress, its a strapless so easy access :P)

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If you haven't already purchased your dress, try and find one that will give easy access to your son. Perhaps a halter type top that you can slip one arm out of easily and push the dress down? I remember there were some dresses I tried on those many years ago that I could barely move in... so heavily beaded and form-fitting. I wouldn't go for one of those!

Jennifer - posted on 05/18/2011




I just got married May 1st 2011. I just made sure that I fed my daughter right before the ceremony. Then she got pumped milk when she was hungry, or I would have someone help me "undress", and either pump or nurse her. Everyone will understand! And if you're drinking (I didn't, so I didn't have to do this.) just pump and dump. It's not as hard as it sounds. Congrats and good luck! It's definitely possible to do.

Tammy - posted on 05/18/2011




Try to breastfeed your baby at the last possible moment. I would also pump beforehand and keep the milk handy to whoever will be holding onto your little munchkin, in case your son gets fussy before you get a chance to feed him again. Wear breastpads just in case too. I'm sure everyone would understand if you need to breastfeed during the time, as they would all know the age of your bub. Congrats and goodluck!

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