breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months not as good as we thought???

Cori - posted on 01/15/2011 ( 20 moms have responded )




i read this article the other day but i walked away from it not knowing how to feel.. my first was EBF until 6 mos and i plan on doing the same with my second.. but this made me feel like i was making the wrong choice almost? i dont know.. i still plan on EBF for 6 mos though.. just thought it would be an interesting topic here!


Jennifer - posted on 01/15/2011




there was just a thread about this here. don't second guess yourself because 3 of the 4 authors of that article work for the baby food industry (i.e. formula, and jarred baby foods).

Erin - posted on 01/23/2011




Yes, that article was a big load. Whenever new 'information' doesn't sit right with your instincts, trust your instincts.

Courtney - posted on 01/22/2011




It was an opinion piece not an independant study. It has already been debunked and dismissed by the leading authorities in infant feeding in the UK and other countries.
See British Medical Journal (link attached) where article dismisses the opinion that they published and the media sensationalized as they always do.

Tanith - posted on 01/23/2011




My son is 16 months and still breastfed. I think it's absolutely rediculous that such people could believe breastfeeding passed 6 months or breastfeeding exclusively up to 6 months is "bad". I the hell could something so natural be so "bad".

If it's so bad, then why has the human race lived to exist for this long? There was no such thing as formula back in the day, women breastfed their children for YEARS!! So why is it so "bad" now?

It's bored scientists who are probably trying to promote formula feeding because it's their forte' isn't it.

No scientist on this planet could perfect something as perfect as breastmilk. There's plenty rubbish going around to confuse mothers such as yourself. They all want mothers to buy formula because it's such a massive market. We all want what's best for our children, and the best is breastmilk.

Who made mankind? God. God is great, God knows more than a bunch of bored researchers!!!

Luschka - posted on 01/22/2011




You are all right. What really annoys me is that not one rebuttal, or correction, has made headline news!! The headlines were WRONG and didnt even say what the study said in some cases. Disgusting journalism.

I DO believe that every baby is different, and as someone has already said, mothers should trust their instincts!


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Jessica - posted on 01/26/2011




Tanith, please don't assume that all researchers are 'bored' and promoting something just because it's their 'forte'. Most of us do research because we genuinely want to make life better for humankind - and much of our work (germ theory of disease, for example!) has done that. God gave us brains to use them. If there had been more research done on baby feeding before the introduction of artificial baby milk, we'd have fewer problems! The problem is when people put their own monetary benefit above the public good - and that's clearly what has happened in this article. Follow the money...

Donna - posted on 01/23/2011




My daughter was EBF till 15.5 months! Not by my choice, with allergies she would NOT accept food. Dr did blood & allergy tests & said her iron was a little bit low BUT on closer inspection of the report, her iron etc was all in normal range, just the lower end of normal - but still within normal range - a real accomplishment for breastfeeding! She still eats only small amounts & feeds as she needs to at 21 months. She is gradually eating more as she gets older & will be fine. My older son didn't have allergies & loved food.

Nicole - posted on 01/22/2011




Yeah, several REPUTABLE health professionals and lactation professionals have spoke out about the media's misrepresentation of this study:

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine:

INFACT Canada:

The World Health Organization:

And I'm sure there are many more! I take this latest *opinion* with a grain of salt compared to all of the *evidence* and *professionals* who say the contrary.

Pamela - posted on 01/22/2011




he had a floppy larynx and just couldn't take in the milk enough to make him full.. I know plenty of babies that were bf exclusively until 6 months and have no allergies and I also know of some that were and do have allergies but I know of some babies that were formula fed and have allergies too. I personally think mothers need to listen less to silly articles and more to there guts! mother knows best you do what you think is right and I wish there wasn't so much info to make mothers second guess themselves.

Claire - posted on 01/22/2011




I think that every baby situation is different and obviously in your case it helped, but in MOST situations I don't think it's necessary when there is a well established milk supply, baby seems full and satiated and there are no problems. This article is misleading and can be harmful in my opinion and there should not be a blanket statement that says that ONLY breastfeeding for 6 months is "bad". As long as mom has enough iron, baby doesn't have an iron issue (and if he/she does, is supplemented with drops or something) there is NO reason to supplement with food that a baby's immature gut isn't ready for.

Pamela - posted on 01/22/2011




I breast fed both my sons until 9 months I also introduced food at 12 weeks with my first and 10 weeks with my second my first was easy peesey execpt for some thrush and sore nipples he fed well every 4 hours from the start and was sleeping through at 10 weeks. my second was born and it was a whole different story he was basically attached to me continuously I had him in a sling and bf him on demand but he never seemed to be full we had alot of problems he started to drop weight he was born at 9 pounds ( 4kilos) and at his 8 weeks check was (3.5 kilos) but was much taller. we started to look into things I got accused of not feeding him enough ( by some midwives ) they told me I should feed him expressed milk in between feeds there was no in between feeds. it just wasn't working he was snuffling and several times we had to take him to the hospital. Finally we got an appointment with one of the best peds in the state there was a cancellation so I didn't have to wait the 9 months I was told he told me to get him onto solids If I was honest I didn't think he was ready for them but had tried him on some home made apples puree the week before. so any way we went home and I tell you what did we have a different baby he was happy and sleeping well I still got to continue breast feeding him ( which I wouldn't have been able to do ) I think back in the day babies were bf more but they also got introduced to family foods alot younger than 6 months. so I have to agree with the fact that for us BF alone was not enough for the first 6 months.

Pamela - posted on 01/22/2011




yeah, that article was widely refuted because it was not peer reviewed ( a big deal in the scientific community) and the authors had significant conflicts of interest. See the more recent responses from the WHO about it.

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Yea and thats why you are supposed to take your pre natal vitamins while you are breastfeeding and then their wont be a problem. and if still then Anna's right.

Cameryn_nc - posted on 01/22/2011




Even if the bit about iron were true, the simple solution is to add vitamin drops (sold over the counter). They're iron-rich, plus there are other vitamins and minerals. They're highly recommended for preemies (like my Gracie) because babies create about six months worth of iron stores during the ninth month. Preemies don't get those stores, so a few drops of vitamins (given straight or mixed with a little EBM if your l/o takes any in a bottle) makes up for it, but the drops are good for any baby.
Iron deficiency can lead to learning disorders and other issues, so it's a good idea for any baby whose mom is sometimes anemic as an added source.

Rachel - posted on 01/22/2011




I exclusively nursed both my boys until 13 months. I wouldbt have changed a thing about it.

[deleted account]

you kno what i always say look at back in the day we only had breastfeeding and its natural you cant argue with that. how can i be doing something wrong when im doing something that my body was made to do?? no matter how long. in countries that are real poor and without a lot of food a breastfeeding mother can feed 2, 3, 4 people!! now isnt that amazing. we can sustain life and you cant go wrong with that. dont doubt yourself your doing the right thing :)

Danielle - posted on 01/22/2011




This article has been widely refuted, sadly without the publicity that the original article got. Also, the actual article didn't draw any hard and fast conclusions, but was reported in the press in a really negative and irresponsible way. See

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