Breastfeeding & How to appropriately deal with advice...

Kimberly - posted on 06/12/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is almost 11 months old & I still nurse on demand I feel that meeting Aurora's emotional needs are just as important as meeting her nutritional needs, I have no intentions of weaning until my daughter decides it's time to stop. My question is more related to how I should deal with friends & family's opinion towards still nursing. I do value their relationship/opinion. But in this case I have already made my decision.


Erika - posted on 06/12/2012




just be proud of what you are is recommended to breastfeed till baby is 2yrs old. im still breastfeeding my 27months baby, im proud of what i do, and dont care about the comments i sometimes hear from other ppl that its gross at such age, i just don't bother about such ppl who dont understand the value and impact of breastfeeding for child....just keep doing it...good luck and strength with all the odd comments


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Heather - posted on 06/19/2012




Whenever I got asked that question, I stuck w/information and facts from sources that are difficult to dispute, like the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. In my husband's family, I was the first to breastfeed, and I had questions primarily because they didn't really know how that "usually works". Others ask because they believe that you should stop. Either way- information is, in my opinion, your best friend. I would always tell about the American Academy of Pediatrics and WHO recommendations and then say something like, "And you know... as hard as it can be at times, I love nursing and I love that I'm giving [my daughter] the best start I can. The health and bonding benefits are amazing. I did a ton of research and it's truly remarkable." And if they still have "negative nelly" things to say, you move on. =) I refuse to let anyone make me question or feel badly about the decision I made. Granted, my little one self-weaned quite some time ago (she's now 3), but I wasn't ready to be done and cried and cried about it! I digress; anyway... do your thing, momma! =)

Celeste - posted on 06/13/2012




My family had an issue with me nursing my twins past 1. I think what helped me was that I had fact on my side, and all they had was their uneducated opinion. When they did give me silly opinions (my favorite was that my boys were going to have a boob fetish LOL), I told them that it wasn't up for discussion.

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