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Caroline - posted on 08/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my baby is 1 yr now and i am still breastfeeding him but he is not feeding so much on the right breast the left has lots that sometime he chokes n sputers lol one is way bigger than the other one too, he always seems to like feeding from the L one but not the R one, when he does feed from R he comes off very quickly, if he has it b4 bed he seems to wake more often so i have to give him the other one the better one. Its like that all the time now. i have introduced bottle of milk just so he gets some other nutruitents into him as well as having 3-4 meals a day varied diet.


Bekah - posted on 08/23/2012




I always start my baby with my non-dominant breast - The one that she prefers the least and that makes lesser milk. After that I switch to the other side so she can finish. After a couple of weeks it usually begins to be about equal. There are always times when one seems to produce more than the other or the let down seems to be more forceful. The other thing I used to do with my other children is pump during feedings on the breast that was not being used.

You could always just use the left most of the time - but I am like you and I like to have them more even. Maybe it is a bit OCD of me but that's how I am :-)

BTW - Great job in making it a year!!!!!

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