Breastfeeding issues related to mother's diet

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This thought just popped in my mind yesterday when I was reading some stories of mom's who stopped breastfeeding because they had continuing issues and I just wanted to throw it out here and hear what you think or if you know any resources or research on this topic? Here is what I think:

Lot of moms who stop breastfeeding early (before 1 year, often even before 6 months) had extremely fussy babies or babies who had a lot of gas (that didn't get better by changing the typical things such as cutting out diary etc). Some also wrote that for the mother it was not a bonding experience because of all the issues and the constant struggle with breastfeeding. So I am wondering if maybe all the crap of fast food and processed foods that are basically everywhere around us somehow mess with our milk. I am talking about our nutrition as a whole, not one specific thing or ingredient. There is so much wrong with the way we eat as a society, it would actually be surprising if it didn't effect breast milk. I still believe it's the best nutrition for our babies, since formula already is again processed and just starts the little ones right out on the wrong nutritional path of our society. It would be interesting to see what would happen to some of those breastfeeding issues if we start eating more and more natural foods, least processed. The only problem with it is that it's not a quick fix. Some of the crap takes up to 2 months to exit our system.

I remember that many breastfeeding researches showed that in non-western society (developing countries) colic in babies is unheard of and usually they don't eat all the crap we do.

Any thoughts?


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I think a good general rule, is just to eat healthy. Different people have different definations of exactly what healthy is, or how healthy to eat but as long as you have a good balance of proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy (if alright for baby), complex carbs, grains and plenty of water; then there is nothing wrong with enjoying what some people consider unhealthy. Like some choclolate or cookies or other such snacks or desserts. Its definately all about balance. As far as things like fast food, I am very very very very against it. Yes, it might be simple and seem like its the same food as a burger you cook at home, but it is definately not. If you take something like a big mac and really disect it and look its ingrediants, it is probably one of the most unhealthy things for you out there. It is full of nothing but filler meats, greasy cheese, and sugar! This is the same for really any fast food. Theyre goal isnt to make good healthy food for you, its to make food thats cheap and quick to make. Basically the way I look at my diet is, if im not willing to give it to my daughter, then im not going to eat it myself. I know a lot of moms who serve their children very good meals, but when it comes to themselves for some reason dont eat as well. If our bodies have a hard time processing foods that have such high amounts of fat, sugar, "bad" carbs, and salt, then it has got to be 10 times harder for an infant/toddler/child to process it without it having some significant resistance


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I would bet money that a large portion of these women have overactive letdown and/or oversupply. Baby gets too much foremilk and becomes very fussy and gassy.Women in other countries tend to wear their babies a lot and follow their cues better. Our country pressures moms to let babies cry it out and to feed on schedules. Babies are meant to be close to mom and nursed frequently. The emptier you keep your breast the more fatty milk baby which helps with overactive letdown and too much foremilk (which causes gassy, fussy babies). Baby wearing is also soothing for baby.

As for our diet, mother nature is very forgiving. Mother's in third world countries who barely get to eat still make the perfect breast milk for their babies. Our diet's do affects *us* but our milk will always be perfect for our babies. Breast milk is made from our blood. Eating "gassy" foods will not give baby gas. You won't get gas in your blood. I think it's great for everyone to eat healthy, but it adds unnecessary stress to nursing moms to make them feel like they need a certain diet (unless their baby has an allergy to something like dairy or soy).

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Yes, I think it matters greatly what you eat. All Babies and mums are different, personally I stayed on a healthy diet, as I was when I was pregnant. After trial and error I solved my baby's gas problems by cutting out all citrus fruits, caffeine, wine and any grapes.

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Allergens do take a while to get out of your system, so if baby is reacting to something it can take a while. I cut out all dairy for 7 months for my daughter (constipation) and citrus/caffeine/tea/acidic foods for my son (reflux). I also stopped eating as many nitrates as possible. I buy fresh sausage, natural bacons, cold cuts, hot dogs, etc. I also cook more at home and avoid fast food when possible. (running from dance to a baseball game in 15 minutes is hard, but i choose one place over another so that it is somewhat with healthy sides besides fries it is easier.) I think processed food is not only contributing to obseity, but to problems with immunizations, as well. We can do as much as we can do, but in the end almost all of our animal stocks and crops have been tainted or altered in some way.

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