Breastfeeding over 12m!?

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Hi mommies! I am torn between weaning CJ for my medical issues (I have 3 medications I can not take while nursing), weaning by 12m and allowing him to wean himself. I can cope with the pain for now so weaning for me to be able to take my medication is not top on my list. However, he is 8.5m old and I'm kind of weirded out by the thought of a walking toddler coming up to me and pulling my shirt up or things like that so I have been saying that I want him weaned by 12m. The closer he gets to 12m the more I am becoming less and less fond of the idea of me weaning him. He is not eating meals of solids.. he was eating solids until about 5ms old and now he only takes bland finger foods and some of whatever I'm eating. He wasn't picky before! Anyways how is it nursing a baby 12+m?! How do you deal with people telling you it is time to wean? Family members have been on my arse since he was 3m old about weaning!!! I continue to tell my aunt (who is the main person telling me to wean) who never attempted to nurse her 2 girls, that breast is best! But I know I'm going to get it a lot worse once he is older. My fiancee and I have talked and he said that he finds it weird to nurse a baby 12+m as well.
-How do I get him to eat more solids for 3 meals a day and not just snacks?
-I got him a soft spout Munchkins sippy cup and I don't think he can suck hard enough, he tries and then just chews on it which gets the liquids out. What sippy would be easier for him to drink from?
-What do you give your 8.5m old breastfed baby in their sippy other then breast milk? I don't want to do water as it is empty calories and unnecessary for breastfed babies. Plus, I tried it, he doesn't play that game.
Thanks to all in advanced! :)


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Contemplating joining us on the "dark side"? LOL

First, you can teach your baby to not lift up your shirt by teaching nursing manners.

How did I deal with them? I ignored them. My family wasn't very supportive at all. My sister told me that my boys would get a "boob fetish" if I didn't wean them. My mom said that if they have to be off the bottle, they have to be off the breast by a year. I sent them an email telling them I didn't appreciate their comments and gave them medical facts as to why their comments were ridiculous. They still would say snide comments, but I ignored them. Plus, the more educated I got on the subject, the more ridiculous their comments became and it was easy to brush it off.

More solids? After my boys were 1, I'd give them just small pieces of regular food, things that they could pick up. I wouldn't force anything. My boys were the same way; as they got older, they started eating more. And now at 4, they eat A TON. But, keep in mind, that he's still a baby and most of his nutrition should be breastmilk.

-Sippy cup? I think it's a matter of preference. I tried the Nuby, and those worked great for my boys. BUt, they didn't get the hang of it until they were about a year or so.

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