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I have 7 kids. my last one is 3weeks old. the first two weeks i had no pain, no prob feeding her. this past wk my breast/nipples hurt so bad. i had pain like this with my first child but all the other kids i would have pain maybe a day or two but this time i don't even want to feed her half the time it hurts that bad. i need help!!!


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I had the same problem, and the experts kept asking to see his latch. It was fine. (I suspect your baby's latch is as well if you've BFed 7 children - I'm sure you know how they're supposed to latch on.)

My prob turned out to be Thrush. It's VERY painful. There was never any evidence that I could actually see - there's no test to confirm it. But you'll know once you treat it: if you get better, then it was Thrush.

The remedy that worked the best (and the quickest) was Gentian Violet. You can get it over the counter and it's inexpensive. You'll need to ask the pharmacist for gentian violet in a 1% solution - if they don't have it, they can order it.

Here are instructions on how to use it:

And here's more info on Thrush:

Hang in there. And good luck!


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Yvette - posted on 12/11/2010




i just want to let you know schmoopy marquis the gentian violet worked. well enough to be able to feed her with out thinking i was going to jump out of my thank you so much:) i have one happy baby and one even happier mommy.

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Just wanted to add that breast shells aren't recommended - they trap moisture and promote Thrush.

Lasninoh isn't recommended either. The idea is to keep the area as dry as possible.

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I also had thrush and finally got relief with grapefruitseed extract mixed with water (find at local health food store). Put on a q-tip and rub on nipples and on baby's tongue. It went away within 36 hrs.
Good luck!

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Could be thrush. I didn't realize I had it until I was treated for a yeast infection and the pain went away. What helped in the mean time was refrigerator gel packs (Soothies), breast shells to keep your nipples dry and from rubbing against your clothes, breastmilk and Lansinoh rubbed on the nipples.

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does she have challenges latching?
1) get to a chiro and see if that helps her latch
2) what about changing positions? (football hold, etc)
3) contact LLL in your are for support, they may have a area of support no one has proposed.


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its sounds like shes not latching properly. use a good nipple cream in between feeds. i've been told cabbage leaves are good to relieve pain. and maybe try a lactation consultant? if the pain is in the opposite breast to the one shes feeding on (i get this every feed) then thats the let down reflex and this is apparently normal

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