Breastfeeding positions - which are the best

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I am currently having issues with breastfeeding my 4 month old son; I'm pretty sure he has reflux which hopefully will be determined at his upcoming Dr's appt. Anyway, I thought I would ask all you Mums out there which feeding position works best for you and your little one. Both my son and I are both horribly clumsy and uncoordinated and can only do the football hold and cross cradle. Needless to say this makes it very hard to breastfeed in public!! Good grief!! You should have seen my debut attempt to breastfeed publicly; we were waiting in the Hospital ER and here I am trying to feed my son. We were both struggling trying to find a position that would work for BOTH of us. I felt really bad for the sleeping man in front of me because my son's screaming woke him up and he got an eyeful of boob! Surprised does not describe the look on his!!

Being that my son has reflux I am looking for some easy upright feeding positions because the only one we are able to manage is an upright football hold, I would like some other options because this position doesn't always work. Please help! Feel free to share some of your breastfeeding mishaps!

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Sarah - posted on 12/07/2013




I do laying down on our bed. Its been great. Helped dd not gulp as much air. My letdown can sometimes be pretty bad. This morning i was amazed how far it shot out. Dd and i have only bf once in public. Dd is 21/2 mos. I hope to be as brave as you ladies. :)

Rebecca - posted on 02/24/2010




My daughter had reflux too, but it got better around 7 months (she is now 9 months) I found that the "Australian hold" worked the best for me and I found the most comfortable when I was at home, when I was out in public (and is the most used position for me now) I use the modified cradle position. I latch baby on in the cradle position and then I lean back so that baby is more ontop of me, this way all the babys weight is on my chest and abdomen and not just my arms, then I use my free hand to hold my breast or do compressions if need be.

April - posted on 02/24/2010




omg, your experience was just like mine!! my son and i are both horribly clumsy too. i tried so hard to nurse while laying down, but our mutual clumsiness got in the way of his ability to latch.

my son had reflux too, but he grew out of it by 6 months. I had a boppy pillow, which we still use. i positioned the pillow so that his head was higher than his legs and then i popped him on the boob. we still use this position, as we are still pretty clumsy even after 14 months.

Without boppy, i wouldn't be able to nurse. i just don't have that kind of coordination!!

as for mishaps, i just stopped caring if anyone saw me. i would take my shirt off in public, like completely but still try to cover up with the apron. it was a moot point, but i really did try my hardest to be discreet!

we don't nurse in public anymore because my son just can't get comfortable. he doesn't like it. in fact, we only nursed in public a handful of times. i just wasn't able to be discreet and neither was he because he would cry as soon as i got boppy out!

[deleted account]

I've tried the tummy to tummy with him sitting on my thigh but he complains because his little legs aren't quite long enough yet...sigh. With the cross cradle in public, it's hard to hold his head without my breastfeeding pillow because I need my hand to hold my boob, they are massive and heavy!! lol I hope they go back to my regular size once I wean.

Amberlee - posted on 02/24/2010




my son is 7 months and he likes to sit up on my lap facing me tummy to tummy and eat sitting up that way

Ashley - posted on 02/24/2010




well doesnt really help your prob. but my daughter loves laying down and eating (so do i) but as far as out in public try having a really good hold on his head and your boob in the craddle pos.

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