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Spirit - posted on 12/22/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello all, My son is turning 3 months on Christmas and we just started having problems breastfeeding. He latches on great does a few good sucks gets the milk flowing then out of no where lets go, looks around and then latches on again. He will do this a good 5 or 6 times until he wants the other boob. And it repeats. I have talked to a lacational nurse to see if I maybe have to strong of a let down or not making enough milk and she wasn't much help over the phone. Please help me.. all this on and off stuff is not only making me frustrated but hurting my nipples!



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He sounds like he's getting more efficient getting the milk out, I don't think it's a supply issue if he's not crying. if he's just lookin around then.. he's just lookin around! It could be your milk is fast and he just needs a breath. I've seen both too little milk and lots with my son, when there is not enough for him he sucks hard and fast and is not swallowing cus there isn't much there, then he pulls off and cries a lot. when there is a lot, He swallows slowly a few times then may splutter or just pull off to get a breath, also his eyes go really big when the milk lets down LOL. Anyway, try putting a blanket or cover over, nurse so he's facing in to the back of the couch, go in to a quiet room or use a necklace. Good luck! Oh, one more thing, I have nipple shields that I used till 5 months before he weaned off, and if my son is pulling off and on too much or sucking more for comfort than food I'll sometimes pop that back on to save my poor nipples!

Sarah - posted on 12/22/2009




Sounds like he's getting distracted and/or is getting curious about the world beyond mommy. Find ways to engage him while he's nursing and encourage him to remain latched. I used to play with my daughter's fingers while she nursed or just talked or sang to her. A quiet room away from potential distractions might help. I know some people find a nursing necklace useful; it's a baby-safe necklace you wear while nursing to keep them occupied.

Good luck!


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