Breastfeeding toddler while pregnant.

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I am currently 8 months pregnant and I still breastfed my 20 month old daughter and so far it's been great. I have been home with her full time since birth. My question is when our second daughter arrives, what will happen to my milk supply and how will a toddler handle having to share her mommy with another sibling. Everyone is telling me to wean her before our Daughter arrives but I want my daughter to wean when she is ready. She is only nursing about once to twice a day and there short sessions unless she is sick or scared. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Ladies.


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Your milk has probably already or will soon change back to colostrum. It will be colostrum when the baby is born and then your mature milk will come in a few days after birth. I talked to my 2 year old a lot, especially while nursing, about how the baby will need milk too. She knows the baby needs "lots of milk." She's doing great so far with sharing. I try to give her milk when she asks or tell her to just wait a minute then we nurse. My second is only 3 days old, but being able to nurse my toddler has really helped her with the change. She is a little stressed over the new baby, but when she nurses she calms down a lot. I've nursed them together too and she does really well with gently touching the baby while nursing.

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There is no problem on breastfeeding two. In the first weeks you should offer your breast first each time the younger baby. The older daughter will take out her needs and increase your production to the the demands of both.
Good luck

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