breastfeedinig and losing weight....

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I have been breastfeeding my son for 11 months now and I have only lost 20 of the 40lbs that I gained while pregnant. I joined a gym a month ago and have been working out every day and I even hired a personal trainer...and I have only lost 4lbs!!! I am super afraid that my milk will dry up if I diet. Does anyone have any good recommendations for keeping my milk supply but cutting calories at the same time?THANks!!!


Tiffany - posted on 03/29/2010




Hey... have you gone in and had your thyroid checked. The tyroid controls hormones (one being weight gain and loss) If they are off that could be the problem. Good numbers should be between 1 and 10. Lower than 1 is hyperthyroid over is hypothroid. Ask your doc to check you out....

If your thyroid is fine then ... (take "super" aka prenatal vitamins to make sure that babe is getting required stuff)

remember son may be going from breast to cows milk very soon so breastfeeding wont be a must... milk doesn't dry up just because your on a diet unless you starve yourself.

Breakfast: eggs and fruit - or - fat free cottage cheese and fruit - or- oatmeal and fruit (notice a common theme)

snack on some fruits or veggies

Lunch: salad (there are websites that have awesome salad combos to make - the one that i have had that were great had fruit and nuts in them) make sure you are using a low calorie low sodium dressing or no dressing at all

snack yogurt and fruit

dinner... grilled white meat (chicken or fish) & steamed veggies

son should be able to eat same thing as you do at every meal. should make it easier to make for both.

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