Can I increase my supply BEFORE my milk comes in?

Jodi - posted on 01/07/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hello all, I'm pregnant with fraternal twins girls (almost 32 weeks along). Recently I've had some issues with some bleeding and changing of my cervix. While my doctor doesn't seem too concerned yet (I'm not on bedrest, but I do have restrictions) I am concerned they will be born premature. I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on increasing my supply now or very quickly once they're born if it's not possible now so that we can hopefully avoid formula supplements for weight gain and use expressed breastmilk instead?

My colostrum as come in by now if that makes a difference.

Will taking fenugreek or mother's milk tea NOW help my milk come in soooner (is it even possible to produce milk before you deliver?) I know colostrum is best for babies to start, but if they're low birthweight, they can have colostrum but have to supplement with formula (or with breastmilk), so if I can use only my milk, it seems better than colostrum and I wrong?

How long does it take for the above mentioned to take effect once they're born?

I really want to avoid formula *if I can*, I would never let them starve or let their health deteriorate just to avoid formula. But if anyone has any suggestions or tips or advice, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

(I have posted on the eats on feets wall for my state, but I would prefer my own milk if possible!)

Thanks in advance!


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there is a supplement that is used for increasing milk while nursing an older babe while pregnant but i can't really answer any of your other questions. here is the link...

i have used the regular "more milk plus" from this company and it worked very well for me

have you heard of placenta encapsulation? its where they take your placenta once you've delivered, put it in this machine to dry it out, they grind it up and put it into capsules. you take 2 pills a day until you run out...apparently one of the benefits of it is that it helps milk production. i read a story about a woman that had her placenta encapsulated right after deliver, and her milk came in 8 hours after taking her first pill...though, i don't know how long after delivery she took the first pill. it all sounds kind of crazy but its interesting and i know some midwives, and some doulas offer it as a service.


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Bernice - posted on 02/02/2016




To boost my low milk production, I used healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea with great success. Iam now pumping more than 6 oz.

Celeste - posted on 01/08/2011




I don't think you can increase your supply now while pregnant since it takes the placenta being removed to get those hormones released to start milk production.

And yeah, I'd definitely avoid pumping because as you know, twins are at a higher risk of preterm birth.

My twin boys were born at 34w2d. I wish I would've researched nursing twins better, but they had lost "too much weight" though I'm not sure if it was more than the 10%. I pumped as soon as I was able to, every 2 to 3 hours. My milk came in pretty quickly, in fact, quicker than with my daughter.

I'd pump the colostrum and they'd give it to the babies. Unfortunately, I did up having to supplement with formula as well as adding fortifier to my breastmilk.

Have you posted to the Mothering Multiples Yahoo group? Karen (the author) would probably have a better answer for you.

Jodi - posted on 01/08/2011




I cannot express my colostrum (I already asked my doc that one so I could have a store up of it in place already!) the reason being that pumping and even hand expression cause uterine contractions, and that's something I have to avoid. I can't have sex, lift anything heavy, take walks etc etc. I can be up and about, but I just can't push it!

Jennifer, I have heard of placental encapsulation, I'm tentatively planning a homebirth if they're not early or breech or any other complications, my midwife told me about it but I wasn't aware of that effect it has! I'll have to look into cost. As for your link to the product, thanks, I'll have to look into that as well and make sure it is in fact safe for pregnancy! (I mean, technically valium and things are safe too, but I'm not sure I would take that unless I HAD to, you know?)

Thanks ladies, I really appreciate the suggestions and advice!

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That stinks that you don't have access to donor milk. I will direct a mom that had twins to your post. She may be able to give you some advice.

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have you tried expressing your colostrum? it wont bring your milk in till after you give birth but it could mean you have more colostrum to feed them i had to express my colostrum cause it was pooring out

Jodi - posted on 01/07/2011




Thanks Sara, I definately need to speak to my doctor about this obviously, but she's not exactly knowledgeable about breastfeeding lol. I'm just concerned if they're that premature they won't be able to latch and that I won't be able to hold them for a while or some such extreme case! :( I've started researching premature babies/twins, but of course all I'm finding right now is worse case scenarios! lol My hospital does not have a donor bank, I asked about a year ago so I could donate to it, but alas, no such luck!

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I'm almost positive fenugreek is NOT recommended to take while pregnant. I don't know about the tea. Some herbs are not recommended during pregnancy. I don't think you can start your milk supply off before it comes in. Colostrum is so important. They need that. I think the best way to get a good supply going is to do skin-to-skin as often as possible. Immediately if they are able to. Nurse them as often as you can. I've heard lots of moms say their milk comes in faster with each pregnancy, but you will still have a day or more of colostrum and that's good. Maybe if they do come early and need supplementing you can get donor milk while at the hospital. I would ask your doctor. If available at your hospital, they will give donor breast milk instead of formula for premature or sick babies.

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