CAn someone please explain overactive letdown, how it effects baby and what exactly is Block Feeding"!!!

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My 9 week old is BF exclusively and has reflux and a supposed milk protein allergy. I have cut ALL dairy/caesin/soy products from my diet. The doctor felt his fussiness and gassiness was due to the allergy. HOWEVER...he is still very gassy and fussy. Reading other posts on here makes me question an overactive letdown but I was looking for more information and suggestions. Thanks:)

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You can also do something called postural feeding where you feed either sitting upright with bubs sitting astride your leg or even use gravity to help by laying flat on your back and placing bubs on your chest to feed her. I used both of these to deal with my 6ft letdown.

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i have this problem. solution is easy, no need to block feed. i feed one side per feed, and if i am super full and feel like my boob will explode at any moment, i let baby start to feed, then once the letdown starts, i take baby off and let the excess foremilk soak into a towl before latching baby back on to get the good hind milk. they never like having to wait, but it is for the best. i discovered this after failing to feed my first and while feeding my second i was determined to do it. i am now expecting my 4th and my younger 2 fed until 13 months.

good luck and be sure to empty one side completely (so your boob is soft) before going onto the next side otherwise you may end up with mastitis.

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Here's some info on OALD

Is forceful let-down the problem?

Does your baby do any of these things?

Gag, choke, strangle, gulp, gasp, cough while nursing as though the milk is coming too fast

Pull off the breast often while nursing

Clamp down on the nipple at let-down to slow the flow of milk

Make a clicking sound when nursing

Spit up very often and/or tend to be very gassy

Periodically refuse to nurse

Dislike comfort nursing in general

If some of this sounds familiar to you, you probably have a forceful let-down. This is often associated with too much milk (oversupply). Some mothers notice that the problems with fast letdown or oversupply don’t start until 3-6 weeks of age. Forceful let-down runs the gamut from a minor inconvenience to a major problem, depending upon how severe it is and how it affects the nursing relationship.

What can I do about it?

There are essentially two ways you can go about remedying a forceful let-down: (1) help baby deal with the fast flow and (2) take measures to adjust your milk supply down to baby’s needs. Since forceful let-down is generally a byproduct of oversupply, most moms will be working on both of these things. It may take a couple of weeks to see results from interventions for oversupply, so try to be patient and keep working on it.

And this is block feeding:

Start with 2-3 hours and increase in half-hour increments if needed.

Do not restrict nursing at all, but any time that baby needs to nurse simply keep putting baby back to the same side during that time period.

If the second side becomes uncomfortable, express a little milk until you’re more comfortable and then use cool compresses – aim for expressing less milk each time until you are comfortable without expressing milk.

In more extreme cases, mom may need to experiment a bit with time periods over 4 hours to find the amount of time per breast that works best.

There's more info here:

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