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I have a 8 months old baby boy and... I just need to say that the longest he sleeps is 12ish am - 6 or 7 am!! and he wakes up at least once during that time!! please help!!! we give him a bath, and try to put him to sleep around 9pm and he will sleep for like 30 minutes and wake up screaming and crying... we already tried letting him cry..not working! we tried putting him back to sleep... wakes up again!! we have already took him to bed with us so when he falls sleep we take him back to his bed... wakes up if all this is before midnight!! I am desperate!! sleep deprived and now even my neck hurts!! PLEASE HELP!!


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Zoe - posted on 10/31/2013




1 months old daughter can't sleep at night at all!
Please help with this problem. What do I do

Kimberly - posted on 04/05/2011




i know i feed my kid sweet potatoes with rice cereal before bed and nurse they say over 50 percent of there food should be 6-8 hours before bed i started doing that and instanly he sleeps six hours and only wakes up once at night

Monica - posted on 04/05/2011




What are you feeding for dinner meal? Or are you feeding solids yet? Sounds like maybe a hungry baby...or a teething baby...try Camilia Teething Relief or something Homepathic. But if not teething, then a full belly really makes a difference. Happy Baby makes a great Rice Cereal with Probiotics (which also help the tummy be happier). Bananas and Avacados are good for baby and filling...just get a food mill and mix with breastmilk and cereal.

Exercise also he crawling yet? Whether he is or isn't, encourage play and movement! It will help his rest better and longer if he is tired.

Also consider doesn't have to be all the time but just when he wakes and needs you. So much easier to get a baby back to sleep in a soft warm bed than a hard cold crib! Especially when he wakes up upset. Mine is 13 months and now sleeps up to 11 hours on his own but many nights wakes after 1, 5, 7, 9 hours of sleep and just needs to be close to us. So I change/take to potty if dry and then nurse to sleep and rock if still not asleep and try his crib but if that doesn't work, to bed with us he goes! I need sleep as well!

And at 8 months 6-7 hours without waking is really actually good. And total sleep is what matters...they need about 14 hours total per day.

And be encouraged!!! It continues to get better and easier with each passing month.

Lise - posted on 04/05/2011





no sleeping schedule here... my daughter sleeps from 9-8, give or take, but she set that herself. is your son waking hungry? many babies do not sleep through the night until a year or later, and a 5-6 hour stretch is considered sttn - which your son gets!

to maximize sleep, we cosleep. my daughter has been "sttn" since she was pretty young, b/c she could nurse in her sleep.

Kimberly - posted on 04/04/2011




i am right there with you i will be reading your replys i need help with the exact same thing lol

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