can't stop breastfeeding! help!

Jessica - posted on 01/18/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




my youngest daughter is 13 months and im still breastfeeding her! i have been trying to wean her for months. i have tried formula she hates it. i have tried cows milk she hates it. i have tried half cows milk or half formula and half breast milk. nothing is working!!!


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April - posted on 01/28/2011




May I ask why you have tried so hard to wean? are you just tired of it or do you think she is too old (she's not)? Just curious...just wondering

Ania - posted on 01/28/2011




Try to eliminate daytime feedings one by one and then evening and morning one. It will take few weeks

April - posted on 01/28/2011



263 long will you be in the hospital for? You may not have to wean to a bottle. She can have solids and water while you are gone (and some hospitals will let you bring your child in to be breastfed right in your room) . If this is an extended stay, then I would say pump and put it in a cup. Does not have to be a sippy cup. It can be a medicine sized cup. Your partner could just pour it in her mouth and she can also have solids. You do not have to quit breastfeeding. PS. Ruby is ADORABLE!! i could just pinch those little cheeks!!!

Eleanor - posted on 01/28/2011




i need to wean mine onto bottle as im due in hospital nxt month but she hates formula!!!!!!!

Cyndi - posted on 01/18/2010




Yes I agree. Sippy cups. My oldest weaned at 12 months. But he didn't take a bottle so at about 6-7 months I gave him a sippy cup with breastmilk in it. I know other moms who have had to breastfeed longer because their baby was allergic to cow's milk. Try having someone else give your baby milk in a cup. Another thing that you could try if your baby doesn't like cow's milk is soy milk. I have to agree with someone else, that if your baby smells you, she will just want you. Good luck.

Jeannie - posted on 01/18/2010




my son stopped after 5 months so i don't really got a suggestion of my own. but my sister's daughter was breastfed all the way till she was 30 months old. She told her that big girls use cups and only babies drink from mommy. she learned what a big girl is and learned to not want the breast no more. i don't know if this helps but its what my sister did.

Kat - posted on 01/18/2010




In preparation for weaning I did a few things. Introduced water in a sippy cup from about 6 months, started using cows milk to make up her breakfast cereal from about 9 months. I tried dropping a feed at about 10 months & give formula but my daughter HATED it & wouldn't have it. So I bf until 12.5 months. I also started to give her 50/50 milk & water with her afternoon tea instead of just straight water. It took quite a few months before she would drink 100% milk but she does now at 15.5 months. Once they are 12 months milk no longer needs to be the 'main' meal. Milk is now the compliment to the solids meal, so you can afford to experiment with different ideas & feel relaxed about knowing she's still getting everything she needs. Make sure she is still also getting plenty of dairy - cheese, yoghurt & custard. I think the below Milo idea is ok. Sure it's a little naughty, but it's not as bad as nesquick or any of those other sweety chocolate drinks. It does have some goodness in it & it is only a short term solution, hopefully with long term gains.

Belinda - posted on 01/18/2010




what i did with my son was let him get used to a sippy cup with water in it while i was still bf then i tried formula in it during the day. my partner fed my son for 4 days as my son would have smelt me if i was in the room and probably refused. i was still bf at night time, then when i though he was used to the formula i stopped bf all together i still needed my partners help a lot though i could put him to sleep myself aswell... i also made the formula cold so he wouldnt think it was 'fake' boobies lol. other things ive heard about is artificial nipples, rubbing the formula or cows milk on your breast so that they get a little taste and smell of it before you stop breast feeding then maybe rub a bit of breast milk on the bottle teet when u start. you just have to be really strong and not give in. the more you give in the harder they fight and u hav to let her know that you are serious by keep persisting with the bottle but not pressuring her to take it- just give it to her in her own time, maybe give her a couple of sips then calm her down and keep doing that. dont let her sniff around your breasts etc. as it may tease her. the first couple of nights are the hardest. my son was really upset when i decided to stop breast feeding and he still tries to pull my top down and nuzzles at my breasts when he is trying to tell me he is hungry as this is my third week on the the sippy cup but he doesnt even notice anymore.

Shelley - posted on 01/18/2010




hi Jessica,
I found out i was pregnant when my daughter was 15 months and decided i wanted a break from feeding between babies. My daughter was the same as yours until her daddy decided to try a half teaspoon of milo(this is like hot chocolate powder) in cows milk then we heated it a little when we finally got her to try it she loved it and i slowly put less and less and by the end of the month she was drinking strait cows milk. i know this is really bad advise and i don't usually allow the kids chocolate and lollies but it worked. i also went strait to a sippy cup so she never had a bottle. hope tis helps.

Krystal - posted on 01/18/2010




Why do you need to stop feeding her? 13mths isnt too old :) My sisters were 15mths when they weaned. However, if you really want too, try getting your hubby or someone else to feed her without you even in the room. If she smells you she's not going to want the bottle at all. Im still BF so havnt come to this crossroad yet. Wil wont take even EBM from a cup/bottle/sipper so i think i'll be in for it too. Good luck :O)

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