Can we go back to only breastfeeding?

Jessica - posted on 09/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter was born July 25th, she had problems latching from the beginning. She didn't latch the first hour after birth, it was almost 6 hours before she decided too. So I worked with her until my nipples were bleeding because she just couldn't suck right, even the LC could barely help us. The day I was supposed to be going home with my new baby, she was admitted to Peds for High Risk Jaundice. I couldn't pump enough for her, and I couldn't stay the night, so she got nothing but formula for 2 days. Then they advised me when she came home to breastfeed then supplement. She wasn't eating enough (my milk didn't come in for 7 days) so we did. But then she was so sleepy all the time (they say its normal from her jaundice, she wasn't in the clear until a week went by) and she would not even want to latch. I kept working with her and now shes almost 2 months old and I still try to latch her before I give formula and then after I still need to pump for 20 minutes. Which I only get 1oz (altogether) if I'm lucky. (I use a Ameda Platinum) But after she latches and shes gulping and I can tell shes drinking it lasts only a minute and then she starts pulling on the breast and fussing. And she'll easily drink 4oz of formula after. So what can I do to drop the supplement. I want to EBF my daughter..


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I would try to only bf for two days and see if you can increase your supply that way.

Nursing works on supply and demand so if she demands it you will begin to supply it. By giving the formula you are making yourself produce less. It will be like the first couple of days and she will likely nurse very, very often but if you are determined you should be able to do it. Just keep offering breast only for a couple of days.

Don't look at how much you pump and think that baby is only getting that amount. Baby is a much better pump than any mechanical breastpump.

You can go back to only nursing if you work at it. You may also want to try pumping inbetween feedings but then don't give that milk to baby - freeze it for later use otherwise it won't work to increase your milk right now.

Good luck!

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