Can you remember breastfeeding as a child or toddler?

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Can you remember breastfeeding as a child or toddler?

I wasn't fed for long enough to remember 12% (71 votes)

I was only breastfed for a short time. 12% (71 votes)

I was not breastfed 31% (178 votes)

No I can not 40% (230 votes)

Yes I can remember 4% (21 votes)

571 Total Votes

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Mumeimugei - posted on 12/10/2013




If I was breastfed, I do not remember. It is not something I would ever ask my mother about. If I did remember I would be mildly traumatized.
I want kids of my own and love raising kids (I am a step-mom), but there is something in me that just finds pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding awkward and uncomfortable, no matter how "natural" it is.

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I was breastfed for five years, and I can remember breastfeeding.

To put it short, it was the best most complete loving feeling in the world. Breastfeeding nourished my soul in a way most people don't know. The bonding that happens during breastfeeding is unique and can not be replicated.

It is also worth knowing that sudden weaning can be quite traumatic. More then you would imagine. I am happy to talk more about my experience's with anyone who has any questions.

Breastfeeding shaped the women I am today and will become in a positive way, I feel blessed to be able to remember such a beautiful loving experience. I am 19 and I am currently breastfeeding my own son who is now almost 27 months old.

With my son, it wasn't all smooth sailing, we encountered many difficulties breastfeeding, but together we overcame all of them. My positive childhood memories played a major role in my strength and determination to do this. My son was exclusively breastfed for six months without food or formula, and was then given appropriate complimentary foods along with breastfeeds as per normal.

He is currently having about three breastfeeds per day, and about 4 at night time. Hasn't had milk from any other animal, only human milk.

Here are some links on breastfeeding a toddler and beyond.

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