cant get my supply to boost.... help please!

Julie - posted on 01/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I've been doing everything i can think of to up my supply and want to know if there is anything else i can try or anything i should not do (i.e. something that would make it tank.)

i take 3 fenugreek 4 times a day & 1 blessed thistle 4 times a day.

i try to eat oatmeal but i hate the not instant kind!

ive made laction cookies

i drink pinapple juice

and i put brewers yeast in anything i can!

ive also tried reglan but it gave me extremely bad side affects!

i recently started pummping before and after ever feed. on the 14th, 15th and 16th i got 7 oz. in a day. on the 18th i got 12 and yesterday i got 14. will it keep increasing or what? im just so despret to get off formula cause it makes him spit up really bad! oc says he is doing fine. the last weight check said he is getting 2 oz. when he feeds. I was letting him nurse as long as he wanted every 2 hours unless he was asleep then i would feed as soon as he woke up but he would not stop eating. he wanted to eat 24/7 so i cut him back to only 25 mins. also he will only take one breast per feeding he starts screaming if i take him off to switch him. he was 7. 13. at birth. 7.1 a week later. 8.4 2 weeks after that and then 9.5 a week ago.or the first month i had to pump because he would not latch. weeks 5 and 6 we did 50/50 nipple shield latching and bottle feeding. the latching was as long as he wanted. at 7 weeks we got off the nipple shield but still fed 50/50. at 8 weeks he went to 95% latching and was latched for as long as i could stand to let him (it hurt after so long) and only just sunday did i start cutting him off but he has always seemed to suck hard at first then it looks like he is asleep but will suck softly ever 30 sconds or so for a few sucks then rest. he never goes back to a hard suck. if i try to pull him off when he is doing that (as i assume i am just a pacifire at this point) he begins sucking hard again not wanting to be taken off.


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Angela - posted on 05/17/2017




The very best way to boost milk supply is letting your baby suckle as often and as long as s/he wants. No pump on earth can best a suckling babe.

Oatmeal (not the instant or quick varieties) and a tea boosting supplement healthy nursing tea. I had great support with these two things and continuous nursing.

Courtney - posted on 01/21/2010




yeah it will continue to supply went down a few months into nursing. So i started pumping or nurning every 2-3 hrs and my supply came right back up! Good Luck:)

Julie - posted on 01/21/2010




he does latch very well now without nipple shield. It hurts sometimes but not all the time. Im not sure what a SNS is. The first month i had to give formula because i only got and once to two if I was lucky. I hated it but could not let him starve. I hated it more when I found he cannot handle lactose. I added everything in starting 4 weeks. had it all going by 7. Does it continue to go up? I mean does it take this long for your breast to understand that you need more? Is that a posibility? I let him nurse as much as i can handle but its so hard to let him stay latch for an hour or longer like he wants when i have so many things to get done around the house. not to mention it hurts after a while. I did only just start offering both breast at one feeding. He would get mad if i took him off one side so i would just pump whatever side he wasnt latched on to while he was feeding. I mean... i've been trying to store milk from day one and only just today have 96 oz. I want to save it for if I find a job or so when I do decide to stop i can still give him a little each day. plus use it to make baby food with cause i make it on my own. The wic office did a weight check and said hes getting 2 oz. and that that is fine for his age but I guess I just want more. Its so hard to be satisified with this little bit when I see people on like at certain websites bragging about getting 40 to 70 oz. a day! It makes me wanna cry. Im so despreat for more because i want the best for him. I dont have allot of money and cant get him nice new toys and clothes but i always thought at least this was one great thing i could afford to give him. Its very depressing when the one thing that does not cost money is just not there! I wont give up but im struggling to keep going. Im getting to a point where it is no longer enjoyable because im so upset about not having the amount i want!

Rhonda - posted on 01/20/2010




Do you have sore nipples? Did you try a SNS? His weight looks good. For the first month you were able to get enough milk? When did you add everything in? Sometimes it is hard to answer when you do not watch a feeding. Your using the natural things to increase and I would continue. Hopefully it will keep going up. Having him on your breast is more of a natural let down. I would try to get him back on if you can.


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