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Naomi - posted on 12/31/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello:) I have just started giving my 6 month old boy cereal once a day, but I have noticed he seems to be a bit constipated. Hasn't pooped in 2 days! Which is not normal for him because he usually makes at least 1 explosive poop everyday, sometimes more. I know it's not necessary to give cereal first, so I think I will just skip out on that. I would much rather see poop! Anyway, what are some other good things to start on? What veggies did you try first, and how much to give?? Would love some suggestions! It's quite overwhelming starting solids, and I definitely don't want it to effect our nursing! Thank you in advance!!!


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I would skip the cereal. It constipates. It did the same thing to my daughter. Avocados, bananas and sweet potatoes are all great first foods. Starting solids shouldn't affect nursing as long as you always nurse before solids. You don't need to worry about him eating so many meals/snacks in a day. Just feed him when he's interested in eating (after nursing). Solids are just for fun until they're one. Good luck!

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