Cereal at 4 months old

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Dear mothers, is it advisable to introduce cereals at 4 months old? My girl seems not okay with formula + breast milk.

Do you have any one in mind for that tender digestive system?


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It is not recommended to start food before 6 months, this is from the WHO, AAP, AAFP, DSHS, and many more. I skipped cereal since it really has no nutritional value, and went straight to pureed foods. We started with apples, and moved on to a new food each week. I have heard that rice cereal can sometimes cause constipation. Here is a link on starting solids.http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/solids...

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I started our son on rice cereal at about 4 months. I made it with breast milk and just thick enough that it stuck to the spoon. This was per our ped's advice because he was eating so often and so much. They did say to make sure that is was rice cereal, then after a bit I tried oatmeal. After that is barley but we didn't try that one.

Here is my biggest suggestion.

You are her mother, you know her best. Do you feel that her feeds would be easier and she would be healthier if you start her on some rice cereal? Follow your gut, it's what makes you a good mom.

Good luck

Connie - posted on 04/05/2012




If she is not wanting the formula or breast milk, she is probably just going through a growing spurt. It is normal for them to fall off their eating when doing so. It goes in cycles of fattening up and growing. I do home childcare and I like starting at 4 months simply as training with just a little cereal a few times a day, not for any nutritional value. This is what the pediatricians of the babies currently in my care have suggested as well The tongue is the last muscle in the body to develop, and for some babies it takes those 8 weeks to get the tongue muscle strong enough and working in the proper manner for eating. If you wait until 6 months, then you have that training time. By 7 months the health department requires us to be serving them a breakfast of cereal and fruit/veg and a lunch of meat/protein, fruit/veg and grain. With the 3-day wait rule between food introductions, it can be difficult to get enough food introduced to meet those requirements if the baby hasn't had any eating experience prior to 6 months. If you choose to wait, try to get your baby talking/babbling as much as possible and sticking her tongue out at you [she should mimic you if you do it] to help work the tongue.

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I started my daughter witnrice cereal at 4 months. She seemed to enjoy it and it is a good grain to start out with because it is mild.

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My son was started on cereal at 4 months. Gerber recommends that an infant should start solids depending on their development. Once that baby is a supported sitter she can start but not too thick though

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It is always recommended to wait until 6 months, but I do think some babies are ready before then. I started my boy just before 5 months, and have just started my little girl on fruit purees at 4 1/2 months.
However as mentioned before, baby rice can definitely cause constipation, and did with my boy. Wheat is not a good one as so many people develop[ allergies. Oats or barley are the best starter grains I have found, my 2 year old always loved the oats and still eats them sometimes for breakfast with a little fruit or honey stirred in.

Why not try a fruit or veg puree first, anything other than applesauce, which can also sometimes cause constipation. So far my little girl loves sweet potatoes and pears!

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I started my son on oatmeal at 4 months. We chose oats because I heard from friends that rice was a little binding for their kids. Took to it fine and quickly progressed to pureed fruits and veggies. It is not really necessary at 4 months and waiting till 6 is totally fine, or longer I suppose too.

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Honestly, I would wait on starting ceral or any solid food. I started mine on rice cereal at 4 and a half months to 5 months. After the third time he had rice he had an allergic reaction. He now is allergic to all grains and he's 11 months. It's really difficult b/c he can't have alot of foods. Alot of jar food has rice,oat or barley added. It's a big pain in the butt. Also his birthday is next month and he can't have any cake. I know alot of people do at 4 months, like Heather who replied, and they have no trouble. It's just not worth the risk in my opinion. I knew that it wasn't recommended b/c it can increase the risk of food allergies but I thought everyone does it and has for years. I also thought that maybe it would help him sleep better through the night if he had something more in his diet other then breastmilk. Now I can just hope that he out grows it. He gets tested in 3 more months and we'll know. Until then it's just fruit, veggies and meat. Waiting until your child is 6 months isn't so bad compared to doctor visits with specialists and screening every jar of food offered at the store.

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