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I am in need of some ideas as to how to start my 8 month old on some solids. She has 4 teeth but seems to choke on EVERYTHING I give her. I let her chew a ginger snap cookie for constipation and she choked, I also let her chew a bagel and she choked! I have friends telling me she should be eating cheerios and those melting things by gerber but I am really SCARED to let her try anything with all the choking she does. She eats pureed food fine, I mean there is nothing to choke on. She even chokes on water. I don't know what to do. Please help!


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My nephew had that and they were able to do a simple none invasive test to find out his sollow wasnt developed yet. All they had to do was add THICK IT to all his drinks and make sure everything he ate was a soft food. Like instread of ginger cookies (becuase they are dry) they would soak them in water and let him eat it with a spoon in a bowl. He still got the same taste, but not the problems. By the time he was two, he had outgrown it and does fine now. My son also choked on thinner liquids but we never had him tested. We just didnt offer water until he was older. HTH

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She's probably not ready yet - I think my son was doing better with puffs by about 9 months. Can she pick them up herself yet? Often the development of the pincher grasp occurs right about the time they can handle moving items around in their mouth.

You may want to talk to your doc or an early intervention program. It's still normal for some choking at this age, especially when they are being introduced to textured foods, but since she's also choking on water I'd want to rule out any oral motor delays. A speech-language pathologist might be able to help, too.

Some other ideas for soft foods: Tofu cut into small chunks (she should be able to mash with her tongue now or in a few weeks), avocado mushed up with a fork, banana. Also, start to add some texture to her pureed foods - don't puree as much, allow some small chunks to be present. Take a look at for more ideas on foods to feed.

Good luck!

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I would try softer finger foods first. Canned peas which are soaked in water are great, gerber puffs, small peices of ripe banana and very ripe pear. Tiny peices of pancake are great starts too. If you are concerned w/ choking only put a few peices on her tray at a time and start by putting the food in her cheek so she learns to chew on the side of her mouth to mash food with her gums. After she is proficient w/ softer foods then I would move on to harder textures like cheerios and the cookies you described, and no she does not have to be eating cheerios yet, every baby is different. You can also try introducing small amounts of pastina in her pureed baby food for more texture. Also my dd is almost 1 and still chokes on water from time to time, I think it's just thin liquied and going done the wrong pipe, so don't worry, we all go thru this as parents.Good luck, hope this helps!

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It may be that she is just not ready for them yet. But it is a question that I would ask her doctor, if I were you. Not to scare you, but the back of the throat could not be developed correctly making it hard to swallow coarser food. I know that there is a test that the doctor can do on someone older but I am not sure about that young. I dont know why they couldnt, they just ultrasound the throat while eating and drinking. Hopefully something will work out soon for you. I am sure that has to be real scary. Prayers are with you.


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Thanks so much for all the advice!  We will be trying  the banana, and pear!  She loves pancakes, so I am lucky!  Thanks sooo much for responding!

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