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I think I had a clogged duct on Wednesday of last week and I developed another one around Sunday, both in the same breast. I've tried hot showers, nursing a lot on that side, massage, hot compresses, massage while nursing, and pumping. My breast is still hard, still hurts, and now it seems like he's not getting as much milk out of that one, while my other breast is giving a ton of milk. Does anyone have any other ideas for fixing my left breast?


Susan - posted on 05/25/2010




this may sound weird but i was told when i had a clogged duck was to lay the baby on the floor and then lay over the baby kinda in a crawling position and let the baby nurse that way it is suppose to empty the brest better

Heather - posted on 05/25/2010




I had clogged ducts a few times, and almost always it fixed the clog if I nursed my baby in a different position. They pull milk differently from different ducts if you rotate positions periodically, which can help them avoid clogs, but also is great for getting rid of them. Start baby on that side at each feeding for a day or so, too, so baby's sucking the hardest on that side to help dislodge the clot. Also, watch for signs of mastitis, as clogs ducts sometimes result in that infection. If you start to develop flu-like symptoms, call your doctor. Otherwise, all the things you are doing are great. Hang in there! Good luck. =)


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my cousin told me that one, I tried it this morning, and will try it again later. She said it worked for her. I'm also going to go get lecithin... but so far everything I've tried has done nothing... I appreciate all the advice, and I'm definitely going to put it all to use today!

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