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Lisa - posted on 01/21/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




We are currently co sleeping with our son who is almost 5 omnths old. So far it is working out great, but what I can't figure out is how to co sleep without going to bed when he does every night! His crib won't fit into our room, and he has outgrown his bassinet. Does anyone have any suggestions??


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We coslept from 6mo to just about 24 mo. My son now sleeps in a toddler bed at the end of our bed. What I did was lay in bed w/him and nurse until he fell asleep. Then once he fell asleep I nursed for another 10 mins. That ensures he's asleep. Then I just slipped away and put pillows around him - but we have a king size bed. If you're worried about doing that you could take your bed off the frame and/or put the pillows on the floor. My son never fell out. We had the toddler bed at the end of ours for months. He would just hang in it to play. Then at almost 24 mo., I was 20+ weeks preggo with our second I told my son I needed him to start sleeping in his bed. He was kicking me a lot in the night in the back and tummy. I was getting no sleep. So I started nursing him to sleep in his bed and then getting out once he was down. However, I can't do that anymore as I can't get out of the bed w/my big belly. So now I told him, ok, we're going to nurse in mommy & daddy's bed again, but as soon as you are asleep, I am going to put you in your bed until morning. He has done great. He does often wake in the night crying, but I just tell him mommy & daddy are right here, it's ok, you need to go back to sleep. He sleeps from about 10p until 7:30a, then he comes and gets in bed and nurses for a while and watches cartoons. If he tries to nurse sooner I tell him mommy and the boobies are sleeping so we can make more milk. I'll hold your hand. If your little one keeps waking, even after waiting for 10 mins to slip away, start telling him, it's bed time, you will be back in bed soon, but he needs to sleep now. They're very smart!

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We use a pack-n-play at the foot of our bed. When he wakes up, we transfer him into bed with us.

Debbie - posted on 01/21/2009




My son (9 months) won't sleep in his crib at night, only naps, so when he falls asleep in the evening and I am not ready for bed, I put him in his Infant/Toddler rocker reclined.  It has a strap to strap him in and he sleeps there until Mom takes him to bed.  I wish I could start moving him over to the crib, but it is too much of a fight right now.

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Hi Lisa, I have 3 kids and have/still do co-sleep... at the moment I co-sleep with two - a 'just 3' yr old (birthday yesterday!) and a nearly 11 month old. However I do often go to sleep when they do as I'm so shattered by then and am constantly woken in the night by toilet trips by the 3 yr old and breastfeeds/wind from the 11 month old!

I am guessing your concern is the baby falling out of bed???

I used to put the 3 yr old to bed, cuddle til she slept then come back down with the baby. For a long time I used a moses basket (they're quite big) then after 8-9 months the baby wouldn't settle in it but I found she would settle on the sofa - right at the back I guess she feels more cuddled by the back and the cushions. When I was ready for bed I'd then carry her up. So I could have 'my' evening with the baby asleep on the sofa next to me with peace of mind that she was ok.

There are also bed guards that are meant to stop a child falling out of bed - I think Tomy might be one manufacturer - you slide the legs under the mattress and a mesh attached to rails sticks up high enough to stop a rolling child falling out. I have never used one though. You may be able to push the bed against the wall and have one guard or else have two, one each side.

Another option would be to put some bedding on the floor and once your baby' asleep, put him/her on that until you come back to bed. E.g. folded blankets, or would the crib mattress fit on the floor without the crib?


Moses basket?


Bed rails?

Go to sleep at same time?

Bedding on floor until you go to bed?

Hope this helps, not sure what your concerns are exactly so let me know if this helps or not.

Best wishes,


Lisa - posted on 01/21/2009




I just went through the same thing. I start by having him sleep in his crib in his room at the start of the night and when he wakes up and needs feeding I then bring him into our bed. It works great b/c my spouse and I get our time together, and I still get that extra time with my son.  He is now 7 months an often sleeps from 9:00pm-4:00am in his own bed. Sometimes even longer. Sometimes you need to let them cry a little so they learn to get back to sleep on their own. They are much smarter than you think sometimes and in a few months it will not be safe in your bed and the sooner they get to know their surroundings the better. I hope this helps.

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